Been 'googled' lately?
January 11 2002 by Tony W. Cartledge , BR Editor

Been 'googled' lately? | Friday, Jan. 11, 2002

Friday, Jan. 11, 2002

Been 'googled' lately?

By Tony W. Cartledge BR Editor I "googled" myself a few days back, just to see what would happen. "Googling" has nothing to do with Barney Google of the funny papers, but is a term coined by frequent users of, arguably the best search engine on the Internet. You can type in your name (with quotation marks around it), and Google will bring up a list of references where your name appears in Web documents.

Some salesmen "google" prospective clients to learn more about them. I've heard of folks who've been set up on blind dates googling their date to look for common interests (and maybe a picture).

It's not a bad way to spend part of a snowy day.

When I typed in "Tony Cartledge," Google brought up 128 references. When I typed it as "Tony W. Cartledge," it brought up 591 more.

Most of the "hits" were predictable - Biblical Recorder articles, online booksellers, other state Baptist papers. I discovered that I have been quoted in online publications ranging from the North Carolina Insider to the Memphis Flyer, from anti-lottery sites to others I don't care to be associated with.

I learned that a search for "autonomy" on the Merriam Webster site brings up an article I wrote, and that my book on Hebrew vows is cited in the new Dictionary of Classical Hebrew.

I also came across three other Tony Cartledges - one who has a talk radio show in Newcastle, England; another who was born in the same English town (Derby) that my Quaker ancestors left in the 1670's, and yet another who played guitar for "The Sweeney," an early eighties cover band from Ballarat, Australia.

It's amazing - and a little unsettling - to learn how much an anonymous computer program knows about me and my distant kin.

And yet, even the massive Google database falls far short of our heavenly father's knowledge, which includes (so the Bible says) a running tally of the rapidly diminishing number of hairs on my head.

What a concept.

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