Move doesn't change church's mission
July 27 2001 by Melissa Pendleton , BR Intern

Move doesn't change church's mission | Friday, July 27, 2001

Friday, July 27, 2001

Move doesn't change church's mission

By Melissa Pendleton BR Intern Raleigh's Tabernacle Baptist Church started a new history on July 22. After 127 years as a staple of downtown, Tabernacle moved to its new Leesville Road location northwest of the city. Members say it's a change in location but not in focus or mission.

Amidst a standing room only congregation the first Sunday in the new building, Pastor Mark White said he was pleased to see a space problem already exists. More than 400 attended.

"This is a tremendous day of celebration," White said.

He said the theme of the historic day was just like the words the congregation sang, "To God be the glory, great things He hath done."

Carolyn Robinson, longtime Tabernacle member, remembers special times at the Raleigh location. "I was married in that church, and so were my grandparents," she said.

Robinson was married in 1964, 72 years after her grandparents' marriage in 1892.

She said she has "sentimental attachments" to the Person Street location. However, she, like White, was overwhelmed by the "sweet, cooperative spirit" that surrounded the church's efforts to relocate.

"We could see God's hand moving throughout the whole process," she said.

Thanksgiving surrounds Tabernacle in this time of joy, Robinson said.

"I know Mark White was sent for such a time as this," she said.

Robinson is grateful for the guidance, foresight, and dedication of her pastor. White is thankful for Phil Stone, chairman of Tabernacle's building and steering committee.

No matter how they appreciate one another's efforts, everyone seems to agree that all the glory is to be given to God. From the pulpit, White summed up the entire experience.

"This was a cooperative effort, but it was first and foremost God's work," he said.

After only one Sunday service on its 30-acre lot, Tabernacle saw success from outreach efforts. White said more than 100 people responded to flyers passed out by the church.

Many in downtown Raleigh have enjoyed the lunches served by Tabernacle every Wednesday. Tabernacle will no longer be serving these lunches, but they will continue to offer supper at 5:45 p.m. on Wednesday nights before church services begin.

The only missing part of the new building is the stained glass windows from the downtown church. These will be removed on July 30 and re-installed in time for Tabernacle's homecoming, the fourth Sunday in September.

Formal dedication of the new facility will be Oct. 21. Special recognition will be given to all of those who participated in the effort to move a well-rooted congregation into its new mission field and home.

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