Paying the preacher
July 12 2002 by Tony W. Cartledge , BR Editor

Paying the preacher | Friday, July 12, 2002

Friday, July 12, 2002

Paying the preacher

By Tony W. Cartledge BR Editor

How much does your church pay the preacher - or the part-time music/youth/outreach director - or the custodian?

How much, on average, do other churches of similar size pay?

Many churches begin their fiscal year in October, and are currently preparing new budget recommendations. The committee responsible for that can now consult a recent survey of thousands of churches across the nation, including more than 800 from North Carolina.

A booklet summarizing the findings will be mailed to churches later, but the research is available now on the Baptist State Convention (BSC) Web site (

Just click on "2002 SBC Compensation Study" from the BSC home page or the "Resources" page, then click the link at the bottom of that page. "Java script" must be enabled to access reports.

The Web resource, compiled by the Kentucky Baptist Convention, includes average salaries based on resident membership, average attendance (Sunday School or worship, whichever is higher) or budget of the church, and the age, education and experience of the minister. You can compare salaries in any state convention alone, or across the board (for the record, N.C. salaries are generally below the national average).

The Web site includes information for bi-vocational ministers and part-time staffers, though it does not break those down by the average hours worked.

For the first time, users can now create custom reports online.

Suppose your church averages 110 on Sunday morning, has 225 resident members and an annual budget of $175,000. You can plug in those numbers and find that the average pastor in a similar setting in N.C. makes $46,448 (salary, housing allowance and benefits). The total does not include reimbursable expenses such as travel, conferences and book allowances.

Let's imagine a larger church with 350 in attendance on Sunday, 800 resident members and a budget of $600,000. The average package in N.C. is $64,084.

Or a smaller church, with 65 attending, 150 members and a $75,000 budget? Those pastors average $34,174 in North Carolina.

Whether paying the piper or paying the preacher, it's good to be informed.

For more information, contact Johnny Ross (ext. 174) or Amy Strickland (ext. 171) at the BSC by calling (800) 395-5102 or (919) 467-5100.

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