'Going Carolyn'
June 8 2001 by Tony W. Cartledge , BR Editor

'Going Carolyn' | Friday, June 8, 2001

Friday, June 8, 2001

'Going Carolyn'

By Tony W. Cartledge BR Editor Some folks are just too good to let go, but that doesn't mean you have any choice. So, when Carolyn Smith announced her plans to retire after 11+ years as the Biblical Recorder's business assistant, we all said "You can't go," but knew we couldn't do anything but wish her well. And we do.

Carolyn brought both professionalism and humanity to the important position she filled - keeping our books, writing our checks, dealing with our advertisers and trying to keep the rest of us straight. Sometimes her job has required the wisdom of Solomon; at other times the patience of Job. We're glad that her work was always tempered with the love of Jesus.

Carolyn baked us cakes and brought cookies whenever she picked up office supplies. She gently prodded us to clean our desks and told us when it was time for a haircut. Even when prompted to pull her own hair out when dealing with an obstreperous client, she remained cheerful rather than blowing her top.

Certain members of our staff (who shall remain anonymous) designed a two-page limited edition of the Recorder to mark Carolyn's retirement. It included a careful word study of the phrase "going Carolyn," which is not akin to "going postal," but something many people do at Christmas. We've decided that "going Carolyn" is fine, but "Carolyn going" will take some getting used to.

Nevertheless, we are happy to announce that Jo Ellen Blaine is working hard to learn her way around the business assistant position and to acclimate to the crowd she now has to work with. Jo Ellen is a longtime member of Durham Memorial Baptist Church and worked most recently as the business administrator for First Presbyterian Church in Durham.

We wish Carolyn well, we welcome Jo Ellen, and we hope both of them will remember to bring us cakes, pies, cookies and other similar items required in today's modern, hi-tech office environment.

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