NIT blocks out BSC meeting
June 1 2001 by Tony W. Cartledge , BR Editor

NIT blocks out BSC meeting | Friday, June 1, 2001

Friday, June 1, 2001

NIT blocks out BSC meeting

By Tony W. Cartledge BR Editor The Baptist State Convention's (BSC) annual meeting will go on as scheduled Nov. 12-14 but with changes in venue prompted by a Monday night basketball game. A positive but otherwise uneventful meeting of the Baptist State Convention's (BSC) General Board took a surprising turn May 22-23 when members learned Wake Forest University had accepted an invitation to host a preseason National Invitational Tournament (NIT) game at Lawrence Joel Memorial Coliseum during the BSC's annual meeting.

Nothing in the current contract with Winston-Salem's Lawrence Joel Memorial Coliseum mentions the possibility of being pre-empted, according to Convention officials. Coliseum representatives, however, said there was no foul, citing a pre-existing arrangement with Wake Forest University (WFU) that allows the school to bump competing events. Coliseum officials said the BSC would be reimbursed for all additional expenses created by the scheduling conflict.

The game was originally slated for Tuesday night, Nov. 13. After a series of appeals from BSC representatives, NIT officials in New York moved the game to Monday night.

Convention sessions are scheduled for Monday evening, Tuesday morning and evening, and Wednesday morning. On-site setup of registration tables, computers, staging and audio-video equipment requires many hours of time and effort.

BSC officials huddled to explore a new game plan, including the options of changing the date of the convention, moving to another city, or remaining in Winston-Salem and shifting some events to alternate sites on the coliseum/fairgrounds complex. The General Board approved a motion empowering the Executive Committee to make a final decision.

After extended consultation with coliseum officials, BSC administrators recommended the meeting remain in Winston-Salem on the scheduled dates, with some changes in venue. The Executive Committee approved the recommendation in a phone/fax poll on May 31.

As a result, Monday registration and the opening session will be held in the coliseum annex, which can be configured as a 4,000-seat arena. Monday night sessions of the BSC usually average about 2,500 in attendance. Exhibitors who normally use the coliseum annex will move next door to the education building, which has the same amount of floor space. Coliseum officials have promised that a 3,000-vehicle parking lot adjacent to the annex will be reserved for convention-goers on Monday night.

After the Monday night session, workers will labor overnight to move registration tables and equipment, and to set up the coliseum for BSC use on Tuesday and Wednesday. Exhibitors will remain in the education building.

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