Seven Springs Baptist to pick up the pieces again
June 1 2001 by Melissa Pendleton , BR Intern

Seven Springs Baptist to pick up the pieces again | Friday, June 1, 2001

Friday, June 1, 2001

Seven Springs Baptist to pick up the pieces again

By Melissa Pendleton BR Intern For many people, Memorial Day was spent picnicking with families, but for the members of Seven Springs Baptist Church in Seven Springs, a late morning storm erased all thoughts of potato salad and fried chicken. Around 11:30 a.m., the storm forced construction workers who were building Seven Springs' new facility to seek refuge in an on-site mobile home.

While the workers huddled inside, 18 months worth of effort was falling apart. The congregation's work began in the fall of 1999 when Hurricane Floyd flooded the church located near Goldsboro. Although the congregation has been able to continue worshipping in the sanctuary that was flooded, the devastation was such that a new sanctuary was needed.

With rebuilding efforts well underway, the trusses were raised, and progress was evident. However, one third of Seven Springs' new facility was destroyed by the Memorial Day storm. And what the storm did not take must be torn down and rebuilt. Despite devastating circumstances, Pastor Ashley Summerlin said, "The Lord's going to give us a blessing."

Summerlin said this disaster is not the same as when Hurricane Floyd hit. At that time Seven Springs had only seen destruction through the eyes of the helper, as when they responded to the needs of First Baptist Church in Moore, Okla. - destroyed by a May 1999 tornado. The church members did not fully understand the gamut of devastation brought on by natural disaster until their church was flooded. And they were ill prepared to handle the immediate duties, Summerlin said.

Seven Springs didn't expect their new home to be destroyed, but according to Summerlin, they are "better prepared" to handle the aftermath.

The recovery will be expensive. Summerlin said the church's 239 resident members will be "tightening their belts another notch."

"We're hurt, but at the same time we're determined to build another church," he said.

A crane is already being used to clean up the site, but the machine costs $150 per hour. Summerlin is meeting with a Seven Springs contractor to discuss the cost and time involved in rebuilding.

Summerlin has already been contacted by Pittsboro Baptist Church and the N.C. Baptist Men. Each group expressed willingness to participate in the rebuilding process.

Summerlin seems certain that with a little "coordination" on his part, Seven Springs will soon be ready to accept the offers of helping hands.

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