Family Bible Study lesson for July 21- God Wants Me to be Humble
June 28 2002 by James Baldwin , Exodus 18:14-24; Numbers 12:3; Hebrews 11:24-26

Family Bible Study lesson for July 21: God Wants Me to be Humble | Friday, June 28, 2002
  • The mom who is used to thinking through homework, lunch, household chores, allowances, grocery shopping and carpool arrangements may have trouble letting go of some of those responsibilities.
  • The dependable office employee who somehow ends up finishing tasks left undone by other workers may have to learn to say "No" in order to preserve his or her own mental or physical health.
  • The pastor who goes to the railroad tracks every day to watch the train go by, feeling, "This is the only thing that I know of that moves without my having to push it!" will have to arrive at a time admitting that he cannot do it all.

    Wise Counsel (Exodus 18:19-24; Numbers 12:3) When Moses' father-in-law, Jethro, came to visit his daughter and grandchildren, he offered words of affirmation to Moses. He praised God for working through His people, and especially through Moses.

    Still it could have been difficult for Moses to swallow advice from his wife's father. "What you are doing is not good... The work is too heavy for you; you cannot handle it alone."

    A lesser man would have defended his track record and worked even harder to prove himself capable. Moses had enough ego-strength to hear Jethro's advice, discern its wisdom and respond accordingly.

    Humility is an indication of confidence, not weakness.

    Arrogance and defensiveness often serve as a cover for insecurity.

    Courageous Choice (Hebrews 11:24-26) The writer of Hebrews removes any lingering doubts as to whether Moses' humility came from strength or weakness.

    Moses had already taken a courageous stand by identifying himself with the people of Israel rather than the people of Egypt. Because of his adoption by Pharaoh's daughter (Ex. 2:1-10), Moses could have lived life in luxury and ease. Instead he chose to follow God's call to deliver the Israelites from slavery.

    The right choice is usually not the easy choice.

    The Christian rock group, "dc talk," has written a book titled Jesus Freaks. Their book is a collection of stories about Christian martyrs - people who have been willing to die for their faith. Each story is a moving testimony to the power of courage, as believers remained humble in the face of persecution.

    One of these martyrs, named Vanya, wrote his parents in Russia just before his death: "My dear parents, the Lord has showed the way to me... and I have decided to follow... I will now have more severe and bigger battles than I have had till now. But I do not fear them. He goes before me. Do not grieve for me, my dear parents. It is because I love Jesus more than myself."

  • Friday, June 28, 2002

    Family Bible Study lesson for July 21: God Wants Me to be Humble

    By James Baldwin Exodus 18:14-24; Numbers 12:3; Hebrews 11:24-26

    Years ago I heard a Christian comedian who grew up dreaming of playing football against Baylor University, "the largest Baptist university in the world!"

    When the big game finally arrived, he found himself lined up against a fellow by the name of Rayfield. The scouting reports described him as mean and aggressive. When he was ordained as a preacher he had two black eyes.

    Sure enough, Rayfield was wreaking havoc on the defense and this particular lineman was told to stop him. The next play, as he went after the preaching football player, Rayfield stiff-armed him and smashed his face in the ground, leaving him with a mouth full of dirt.

    When he challenged Rayfield about his dirty tactics, the preacher pointed a long, bony finger in his face and said, "The meek shall inherit the earth!"

    Such is the attitude of most of the world - only the strong and aggressive get ahead in life. Humility is not regarded as a sign of success.

    Moses turned that idea upside down.

    Impossible Task (Exodus 18:14-18) Moses obviously possessed leadership qualities. In spite of his objections when God called him to lead the people of Israel (Ex. 3 and 4), people recognized his wisdom and came to him for guidance.

    Moses was willing to offer advice and counsel to the people, although it must have taken a toll on his personal and family life. Moses had to come to terms with the fact that he was not able to do all the work himself.

    That is often a hard lesson for type-A personalities to learn.

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