Formations lesson for July 7- God-s Plan
June 14 2002 by Haven Parrott , Isaiah 49:1-6; Mark 7:24-30; Romans 10:1-15

Formations lesson for July 7: God's Plan | Friday, June 14, 2002

Friday, June 14, 2002

Formations lesson for July 7: God's Plan

By Haven Parrott Isaiah 49:1-6; Mark 7:24-30; Romans 10:1-15

Through the mouths and pens of the prophets the Father made known His plan to provide salvation for all through One. Then the Creator became the Christ and accomplished it on the cross. Now His Spirit proclaims the gospel message from another body: His church - you and me.

Care to contemplate the magnitude of the mystery of God in us?

My heart, Your home? My will, Your throne? What a mystery: that God above - almighty God of love! - would choose to dwell in me.

To think, O Lord, this fleshly shell, once self-consumed and bound for hell, could be transformed, restored, renewed into a temple fit for You!

How can it be, O Consuming Fire, that Deity should wear such humble attire?

Why, Father, would You choose to grace this earthen vessel, this unholy place?

My flesh is corrupt, my mind's full of pride, my heart's been blackened by sin.

How, O Lord, could this house ever be clean enough for You to live in? There's nothing good in me, O God; I'm stubborn to the bone.

I'm stiff-necked, strong-willed, and so full of my self: O God, I can't be Your home!

"Yes, Child, you can ... but not as you are. Give Me your hut, your tent of skin - and I'll remodel it from within.

I'll need you to cooperate, to let Me be the boss, for there are things you treasure, Child, that you must count as loss.

I'll tear down walls and clean out closets and throw away the trash.

Your plans, your schemes, your cherished dreams I'll burn with My fire, I'll reduce them to ash.

I'll paint and plaster and hammer and drill ... let Me break and melt and mold your will.

I'll shine My searing, holy light on all your hidden places;

Of fleshly thoughts and motives, desires and ambitions, I'll sweep away all traces.

You'll know the sacrifice of self; and yes, there will be pain.

But trust Me, Child, I promise you: My work is never in vain.

You may not always understand the process that I use; the methods and the timing are Mine alone to choose.

For before your birth I had in mind a blueprint of your days: a picture, you see, of what I created you to be; and that image, Beloved, is a reflection of Me!

So I came to this earth and emptied Myself into the form of a man, and I sacrificed Myself on a Roman cross to fulfill My eternal plan.

I became your sin, I paid its price, I conquered your last enemy - I sought you and bought you with My very own blood: Child, how can you resist Me?

For I am your Maker, your great High Priest; yes, I am the Lamb that was slain.

My blood was spilled and My body was broken to rend that veil in twain.

All this was done through My one and only Son so that we could be reconciled;

I love you so much - can't you see it by now? - I'd rather die than live without you, Child!

And I knew, Precious One, that you'd be unable to please Me all on your own ... so I've provided a gift, the gift of My Spirit: He'll make your heart My home.

He'll create a clean heart in you and give you the desire: My will to do.

He'll comfort and guide, convict and counsel, enable, enlighten, empower;

My fruit will bud and blossom in you: an irresistibly fragrant flower.

Your earthen vessel will become a container of water turned to wine;

My oil will flow through your lampstand, Child; from you My light will shine.

I've got you in My hand, Dear One, and I'll never let you go - for I've begun a work in you, and one thing you must know:

I finish what I start, Beloved, My word I always keep.

Yield to me, rest 'neath My wings ... this Shepherd loves His sheep.

And there is more to this design than your eyes will ever see, for there are those who'll look at you and catch a glimpse of Me!

I have sheep who are still lost, Beloved, and your life is meant to be a living advertisement that beckons them to Me.

Perfume every place with the aroma of Me, in all that you say and do: for there are lost sheep watching, Child, and their picture of Me is you!"

Oh yes, dear Lord! I'll be Your home: take this tent of flesh for Your dwelling.

Conform me to Your likeness - whatever the cost - till all my life is telling through words and deeds, touches and glances, of Your limitless grace, Your matchless love, Your provision for second chances.

Pour me out, Father; fill me with You! I'll be a living sacrifice - so that all who come face to face with me will see 'not I, but Christ'!

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