Formations lesson for June 23- Leaving Sinai - The Journey of a Nation
June 7 2002 by Haven Parrott , Numbers 10:11, 29-36

Formations lesson for June 23: Leaving Sinai - The Journey of a Nation | Friday, June 7, 2002

Friday, June 7, 2002

Formations lesson for June 23: Leaving Sinai - The Journey of a Nation

By Haven Parrott Numbers 10:11, 29-36

We used to live in a neighborhood that was referred to as the "Historic District." Most of the homes were built around the turn of the 20th century, and most had been renovated to accommodate the demands of modern living while retaining their old house charm. The homes, therefore, had both character and modern conveniences.

But alas, our house just had character. Nevertheless, the house did have one fabulous feature: the lot it had been built on. In the front yard was a glorious, elderly beech tree - absolutely the best climbing tree ever. Her long, low limbs formed a natural staircase into the heart, and almost to the top, of that grand old girl ... an invitation no child could resist.

Hidden by leaves ... Dylan, third-born of my four sons, loved that tree. It was his hiding place, dreaming place and own personal retreat.

One day in the summer of his fifth year, Dylan was perched high in his leafy haven when he saw me coming out of the house with the video camera. Unaware of Dylan's presence in the tree, and intent upon capturing a few golden moments of childhood, I headed where two of my other boys were playing with the water hose.

Dylan, the child who was born to occupy center stage, suddenly became aware that he was about to miss his curtain call. He called out, "Mama, make a movie of me in the tree!"

"Okay, Dylan," I replied. "Where are you?" I asked as I aimed the lens of the camera toward the sound of his voice.

"Right up here, Mom! Can't you see me?"

I scanned the tree from top to bottom through the video camera lens. All I saw was beech tree leaves, so I panned left to right as I worked my way back up the length of the tree. I just could not see Dylan at all. All I could see was leaves, leaves and more leaves! Dylan was completely hidden in that tree. I knew he was there because I could hear him giggling ... but those leaves completely concealed him from my view!

I "made a movie" of Dylan that day, but the only image the camera captured was the old beech tree.

... and God's glory As the children of faith journeyed from the land of slavery to the land of promise, the cloud of God's glory gave witness to His perpetual presence. The mist in their midst was physical evidence of their constant companion, visible confirmation of the One who pitched His tent in their camp.

Mystery of mysteries, the "holy haze" chose to make His habitat among humble humans. Realizing that it was the cloud's company that dignified and defined them, they allowed the cloud's movements to dictate theirs. Thus, at least from a distance, the children of faith were obscured by the cloud of His glory.

The whole point of their journey was to get to know - and to the nations show - the God who delivers.

This is the whole point of our journey as well. We don't have a cloud as physical evidence of His presence; nevertheless, we, who are hidden with Christ in God (Col. 3:3), are covered by His glory when we choose to camp in His presence and allow His character to overshadow ours.

Oh that we would be as obscured by His glory as little Dylan was by the leaves of that tree ... so that all who come looking for us see only Him.

Cover me, precious cloud! Envelop me in Thy haze Enfold me in Thy endless billows Obscure me with Thy grace. Loom large in me, constant companion Around, above, below Clothe me completely in Your mist... Your glory alone to show.

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