Executive Committee receives 'good' financial report
March 22 2001 by Bill Boatwright , BSC Communications

Executive Committee receives 'good' financial report | Friday, March 23, 2001
  • Received an update on recent developments with the Southern Baptist Annuity Board concerning its policy not to serve churches that formally cut ties with the SBC.

    Jim Royston, who addressed the group on this matter, reiterated his previous commitment to churches that support the state convention. Noting that the Annuity Board statement appeared to apply only to those churches that publicly vote to sever ties with the SBC, Royston said he is open to find ways to serve all of N.C. Baptist churches, even if some of the churches become no longer eligible to be part of the Southern Baptist annuity plan.

  • Approved a job description for the Learning Experience Coordinator at the Hollifield Learning Center at Lake Hickory, the person responsible for the day-by-day center administration, including marketing the facility.
  • Adopted a revised General Board Personnel Policy Manual, updating several areas primarily to stay in compliance with state employment laws and regulations.
  • Adopted a report related to the construction of the Randy Kilby Memorial Library at Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute, noting that as of Feb. 25, 2001, $241,567 had been paid toward the $2.3 million project.
  • Received a report on the work of the Strategic Initiative and Planning Group of the General Board, presented by Tom Jenkins, group executive leader.
  • Friday, March 23, 2001

    Executive Committee receives 'good' financial report

    By Bill Boatwright BSC Communications CARAWAY - Despite economic downturns throughout much of the nation, N.C. Baptists continue to increase their support of missions and ministries through the Cooperative Program and special mission offerings, BSC records show. The latest BSC financial report was presented to the Executive Committee during its regular meeting March 20 at Caraway Conference Center.

    Available Cooperative Program (CP) funds - the combination of all four giving plans - were up 5.6 percent as of March 9, as compared to a year ago. The state convention currently exceeds the 2001 budget level for that date by almost 2 percent. Plan D was up 58.42 percent over the same period last year, with all the other giving plans reporting modest increases.

    Three of the BSC's giving plans, including Plan D, divide the offerings between the BSC and the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). The other sends a portion to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

    "North Carolina Baptists continue to be one of the strongest supporters of Baptist mission causes throughout the SBC," said Jim Royston, BSC executive director-treasurer. "We are second only to Texas in total mission dollars to the two SBC mission board's special offering, and maybe even first in terms of per capita giving."

    The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for international missions was up 13.65 percent and Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American missions up 13.8 percent as compared to the same reporting period last year. The North Carolina Missions Offering has increased 5.41 percent as compared to last year.

    The Baptist Children's Homes' special Thanksgiving Offering last year received $1.03 million, the first time any BSC social service agency offering has exceeded the $1 million mark. Children's Homes President Michael C. Blackwell, who presented the information at the beginning of the meeting, thanked the members of the group for their continued support of the child-care ministry.

    In other matters, the Executive Committee:

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