Topping $1 million
March 22 2001 by W. James Edminson , BCH Communications

Topping $1 million | Friday, March 23, 2001

Friday, March 23, 2001

Topping $1 million

By W. James Edminson BCH Communications For the first time in N.C. Baptist history, a single institution has raised $1 million dollars in special offerings. The 2000 Thanksgiving Offering for the Baptist Children's Homes (BCH) totaled $1,032,550. "Our goal was $1 million for the 2000 Thanksgiving Offering," Baptist Children's Homes president Michael C. Blackwell said. "We barely made it, but we made it nevertheless.

"We are enormously gratified at this outpouring of response. It shows the incredible support and love that Baptists have for their Children's Homes."

The Thanksgiving Offering was the culmination of an intensive 20-month campaign called QSTQR (Quality Service Through Quality Relationships) - Easter 1999-Thanksgiving 2000.

Blackwell credits three factors for the record-shattering offering.

"God has richly blessed BCH since 1885. We are a beloved Baptist institution. That's the first reason," Blackwell said. "Secondly, our staff, children, trustees and friends spoke all over the state on behalf of the offering.

"Finally, and we thank God for this, we got a big surge from our touching and well-received 30-minute presentation at November's Baptist State Convention meeting in Winston-Salem."

A host of prominent Baptist officials joined Blackwell to officially announce the victory. The announcement was made during the Convention's General Board Executive Committee meeting at Caraway Conference Center on March 20.

"By any measure, this is a tremendous achievement," said Jim Royston, executive director-treasurer of the Baptist State Convention. "Dr. Blackwell and his committed staff and trustees deserve our heart-felt congratulations."

"I'm glad I lived to see this day, when one of our Baptist agencies broke the $1 million barrier," said Convention President Mike Cummings of Pembroke. "My office is beside their Odum Home campus. My late mother was an employee, and my wife is a trustee. It's a great day."

Others echoed Cummings' sentiments. General Board President Dixon Free of Lincolnton said the ministry of BCH transcends political and theological lines. "Their staff and children speak in the smallest rural church as well as the largest urban church. They are widely embraced."

David Horton, vice-president of the General Board, and pastor of Greensboro's Gate City Baptist Church, offered a unique perspective. "We are all part of a family, and, as such, we all have challenges. But we all know there is one place we can look to for help, and that is the Baptist Children's Homes."

Headquartered in Thomasville, BCH offers a wide variety of care in 10 communities for children and families, ranging from five residential campuses, day care, maternity care, care for developmentally disabled adults, and a series of group homes across the state.

Summing it up, BSC vice-presidents Buddy Corbin of Asheville and Larry Harper of Raleigh jointly said, "We have come to expect great things - not average - from Baptist Children's Homes. Dr. Blackwell's vision and courage led the way for this outstanding achievement. But in many ways, it is a victory for all 1.2 million North Carolina Baptists."

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