Formations lesson for March 31: The Resurrected Lord
March 14 2002 by Steve Zimmerman , Matthew 28:1-15

Formations lesson for March 31: The Resurrected Lord | Friday, March 15, 2002

Friday, March 15, 2002

Formations lesson for March 31: The Resurrected Lord

By Steve Zimmerman Matthew 28:1-15

A big city traveler was stranded in the middle of an old country road. A local farmer in his field went over to check on him. While they were waiting for roadside assistance from the nearby town, the farmer started up a conversation with the traveler. Their topics ranged from the weather, sports, to finally religion.

The city fellow, who did not believe in God, could not understand the simple faith of the religious farmer. He tried all the logic he could to correct the farmer's errors. In frustration, he finally asked, "What separates you from a fool?" The farmer calmly replied, "A fence."

In this Easter passage Matthew tells the miraculous story of the resurrection. He used witnesses at the tomb to prove to the rational readers of his Jewish audience that this supernatural story did take place. The earthly and heavenly witnesses would later serve as the catalyst for a new faith. As we see look at these characters, we might also see how we fit into the Easter story today.

The Women Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were loyal to Jesus, even after his death. When all the other disciples deserted Christ, these two women were never far away. In Mark and Luke's accounts of the gospel, these women brought spices to anoint Jesus' body. Doing what was right was more important to them than how they were going to get to the body in a sealed and guarded tomb.

The result of their faithfulness was that they were the first to worship Christ in his new resurrected state. They also were filled now with a new joy and not despair. They were given the honor to be the first to share with the world the good news of a risen Lord.

How does our level of faithfulness to Christ either help or hinder new blessings from Him? How much more could we do for Jesus if he found us faithful?

The Guards Obeying orders and making sure that Roman peace at any cost reigned in Jerusalem was the mandate for these men at the tomb. They kept a close eye on anyone who may have looked suspicious before sunrise that day. Word on the street was that someone might steal the body and claim a resurrection. That was what Rome did not need in this hot bed of social unrest.

What they did not count on was a heavenly intervention. If I had been in their shoes, I probably would have done the same thing - fainted! However, they had a choice after the angel's announcement. They could either serve themselves or the King of Kings. Isn't it amazing to see the response of people to miracles? Some readily see the hand of God in their presence and worship Him. Others go about trying to find excuses to the divine.

The Angel We don't know the name of this angel. That is not important to this passage. What is critical here is what was shared. This messenger from God told the women not to be afraid. The angel told them that Jesus who once was dead was now risen. He then conveyed to both Marys that Christ wanted to meet His disciples in Galilee where they would see Him.

How does this angelic proclamation impact us today? For those of us who call ourselves Christians we are reminded not to be afraid. We serve a God who gives us courage over the problems of this world - including death.

We are an Easter people. Our God has broken down the ultimate barrier. That same power that worked in the resurrection is available to us when we call upon Him.

Yet we would be remiss if we did not include the last part. Christ wasn't finished telling the story. He still had ministry plans after this supernatural occurrence. He still had a mission to do. Do we?

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