Let's get serious about prayer
March 27 2003 by Jim Royston , Executive Director-Treasurer

Let's get serious about prayer | Friday, March 28, 2003

Friday, March 28, 2003

Let's get serious about prayer

By Jim Royston Executive Director-Treasurer

Virtually every great moment in my life as a pastor was preceded by a season of prayer. One of those great moments happened just before I came to the state convention when I was pastor in Kingsport, Tenn.

Our long-range planning committee made a recommendation that we begin the Watchmen Prayer Ministry, an around-the-clock prayer vigil involving our church members. It was an awesome experience to know that no matter what time of day or day of the week somebody at the church was praying for me by name. Every hour of every day someone in our church was praying for our missionaries, lost people, but most of all, for revival in our church and community.

We have begun a similar prayer ministry in the state convention called, "Stand in the Gap," led by our Mission Growth Evangelism Group. Basically, we are seeking to enlist 30,000 N.C. Baptists to choose 30 days out of the year to focus on praying specifically for evangelism and spiritual renewal.

This goal may seem very ambitious for our state convention. The "Stand in the Gap" goal of 30,000 N.C. Baptists is only 2.5 percent of our total statewide membership. In fact, why not make this a "prayer triplet," each person enlists two other people to join you in this prayer effort?

We probably cannot imagine what would result from such an intensive prayer movement. Think of the differences in our communities if more and more people commit to this type of prayer ministry. Think of the healing in our homes and churches. Imagine what would be accomplished to God's glory. Some of our convention goals, like baptizing 43,000 people in 2006, would be far surpassed if we truly became a people of prayer.

Prayer is not an option. It is absolutely necessary. Prayer is literally the foundation of everything we do at the Baptist State Convention. In fact, we should never do anything or even plan anything, without first undergoing a time of intensive prayer.

I came to this convention as executive director-treasurer in January five years ago. These five years have proven to me that more than anything else we need spiritual awakening and revival in North Carolina. It cannot happen without prayer. It will not happen without prayer.

Please join me and be one of the 30,000 who commit to prayer for 30 days this year and pray for revival in North Carolina.

(For more information about the "Stand in the Gap" prayer emphasis, contact the Mission Growth Evangelism Group at (800) 395-5102 ext. 217.)

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