Columnist responds to letter critiquing article on Muhammad : Friday, March 12, 2004
March 12 2004 by

Columnist responds to letter critiquing article on Muhammad : Friday, March 12, 2004
Friday, March 12, 2004

Columnist responds to letter critiquing article on Muhammad

The letter writer from Indonesia critiqued the article on Muhammad depicting the author's bias in scholarship and presentation and questioned the publication in the Recorder. Allah is the Arabic word for God used by both Arab Muslims and Arab Christians. However, there are differences about the meaning of God for the Islamic religion and for the Christian religion, including the place of Abraham in theological and historical perspectives. Islam does follow its own tradition of Abraham. The letter writer questions the age of Aisha whom Muhammad wed. The most noted and trusted Islamic authorities of the collection of Hadith, al Bukhari and al Muslim present Aisha's age at six years for engagement to Muhammad and nine years when the marriage was consummated.

The article's author states various views about Muhammad of both Christian and secular writers, including those praising Muhammad and those calling him a pedophile. These views are facts of history accurately presented. The author does not call Muhammad a pedophile.

The letter writer does not refer to the major descriptions in the article of Muhammad as religious, political, tribal and a military leader of the emerging Islamic Umma Empire.

He only focused on the words Allah and pedophile and the issue of Aisha's age.

The author agrees that there should be accurate knowledge of the religions. The author is sensitive with the hope that there may be peace among the religions. The author, for some 40 years, has attempted to live out Christ's love among peoples of the world, including those of Islam.

The letter writer infers the article desecrated other people's beliefs and stated that it did not give an accurate portrayal of Muhammad or Islam. Perhaps he may reread the article, consult the sources and determine what is accurate.

George W. Braswell, Jr.

Wake Forest

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