Strawberry fields forever (I hope)
May 4 2001 by Tony W. Cartledge , BR Editor

Strawberry fields forever (I hope) | Friday, May 4, 2001

Friday, May 4, 2001

Strawberry fields forever (I hope)

By Tony W. Cartledge BR Editor The strawberries are ripening, and that almost makes everything right with the world. Red-ripe strawberries, fresh from the field and dripping with homegrown sweetness, are a clear sign of God's love and goodness. With a bit of cloud-like whipped cream and angel food cake, they offer a taste of heaven. I once ate so many strawberries that I was sick for two days, and wouldn't eat them again for three years. That ended when I was 7 years old, however, and I've been trying to make up for those lost years ever since.

I like strawberries on cereal, and strawberries on toast.

I like strawberries in gooey red pies the most.

I like strawberries at bedtime and strawberries at lunch.

Give me strawberries at supper and I'll eat a whole bunch.

Strawberries in season leave me feeling poetic,

Just one juicy mouthful makes life copacetic!

Of all the good foods that God brings from the ground,

Strawberries are tops, by the quart or the pound.

If ever you need a big favor from me,

Bring a strawberry pie, and I'll do it for free.

(And I'll thank you berry much).

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