Formations lesson for June 2: Abram's Call
May 17 2002 by Haven Parrott , Genesis 12:1-9

Formations lesson for June 2: Abram's Call | Friday, May 17, 2002

Friday, May 17, 2002

Formations lesson for June 2: Abram's Call

By Haven Parrott Genesis 12:1-9

The witness of scripture overwhelmingly confirms it ... even so, I am perpetually astonished as I ponder the pattern: the Most High prefers, over any other method or miracle, to partner with us puny people in the working out of His will.

I confess that I am not so confident in us. That God would choose to advertise Himself in newspapers of flesh seems a very risky business indeed. But then, God must be into risk-taking, or else He'd have left "that" tree out of the garden.

Wonder of wonders, God allowed His children to choose to withhold what He had the power to demand: obedience. The Sovereign One wouldn't settle for obedience by default; He wanted an obedience that flowed from a heart hungry for fellowship with Him - an obedience fed by faith in His word, His promise.

Yet faith cannot exist where there is no opportunity for doubt; thus the tree, the tempter, and the test of trust. You know the rest of the story: one woman's and one man's lack of faith adversely affected all generations.

But the Faithful One, though surely disappointed, was not daunted by their faithlessness. He had a plan.

Faith matters Why Abram? Because he dared to believe that faith matters.

Fueled by faith in God's promise, Abram put away his plans, pushed aside his agenda, and pitched his tent in a foreign land. And he died there, before the promise was granted, but not before a seed had been planted. One man's faith affected generations: "In you all the families of the earth shall be blessed."

Centuries later, the seed of Abram pitched His tent on alien soil. And He died there, to lay the foundation for forever-fellowship with the Father.

All it takes is faith.

Salvation has been purchased; now it must be proclaimed.

Like Abram, we are called to have faith in a person we cannot touch, in a future we cannot comprehend, in a promise we cannot see. The pages of scripture offer black-and-white proof of that promise ... our job is to offer it in living color. Our attitudes and actions will be governed either by faith or by sight, and generations will be affected. When we choose to walk by faith, our bodies of flesh become bodies of evidence of the One who finishes what He starts and delivers what He promises ... the One whose faithfulness endures to all generations.

Who's Watching? Who's watching today, Lord, as I cook and clean and shop? Who's watching when I skip devotions because I'm just too busy to stop? Who's listening as I respond too sharply to a child's plea to play: "Not right now! Can't you see I'm busy? Maybe another day." Who's watching, Lord, when I ignore my husband, and brush aside his touch? Who hears me when I nag and criticize because he irritates me so much? Who sees the way my eyes flash fire when someone spills a drink? Who hears the stinging rebuke that slips out before I stop to think? My children hear, my husband sees, and oh, Lord, so do You .... And I think perhaps somehow, some way, my unborn descendants do, too. Help me remember, Lord of generations past and of all generations to come, That I'm to stake a claim for You in this world, beginning right here in this home. These children will grow and leave this house, and then the silence will descend. Will that silence find me full of regret, or will that silence be my friend? Will these children have the heritage of a godly mom to help as they establish their nests ... Or will they flounder because I failed to honor the Father who always knows best?

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