Formations lesson for May 19: Our Present Abundance and Need
May 3 2002 by Haven Parrott , 2 Corinthians 8:1-15

Formations lesson for May 19: Our Present Abundance and Need | Friday, May 3, 2002

Friday, May 3, 2002

Formations lesson for May 19: Our Present Abundance and Need

By Haven Parrott 2 Corinthians 8:1-15

My husband, who is quite handy with home repairs, was fairly confident that replacing a bathroom sink wouldn't present much of a challenge. The new basin wasn't exactly the same size as the old, but Mike compensated by cutting away part of the chair rail molding to ensure a snug fit, flush with the wall. The entire process, from ordering to installation, stretched over 4 days.

Finally, the moment of truth came, and Mike called me into the bathroom to witness his tool time triumph.

"Ready? Watch this!" he said as he turned the hot and cold handles wide open. We hadn't, of course, expected Niagara Falls ... but we had expected something a little more impressive than the tiny trickle that eventually meandered its way out the faucet.

Dismayed and disgusted, Mike checked and rechecked his work, but he just couldn't figure out what had gone wrong. Obviously, there was a flow problem. Our inability to access the abundance of water we knew was available was incredibly frustrating!

It became clear we needed professional help, so we called Brian, a contractor friend. Brian grinned as he quickly diagnosed the dilemma. I think the technical term he used to describe the situation was, "Well, duh." Turns out the little filter in the mouth of the faucet was choked with sawdust from the molding Mike had trimmed. Brian merely removed the sawdust and the water flowed freely.

Clogged channels Clogged pipes and clenched fists, both restrict the accessibility of available abundance. But recipients of grace are to be channels of grace, not holding tanks. Grace hoarded is grace misunderstood.

Somewhere along the line we picked up the idea that what we have (time, energy, health and money) belongs to us.

What? Don't we know? We are not our own, and neither are our resources. What we have came from God!

Selfishness is the sawdust that clogs channels of blessing.

Kingdom economics Consider how Jesus went about feeding the five thousand. He could have merely commanded, "Be filled!" and it would have been so. Or, He could have made individual portions of bread and fish materialize directly in front of every man, woman and child. Instead, Jesus placed the bread and fish into the hands of His followers and entrusted them to disperse the blessing.

We have been charged with the profound privilege and responsibility of partnering with Him in the provision process. As kingdom citizens, we are to practice kingdom economics by supplying the needs of others from the abundance the Father makes available to us. The gifts God gives to us are not just for us. We are to allow them to flow through us.

When we dare to hoard the abundance we have been entrusted to distribute, we betray that we prefer the gift to the Giver.

"In God We Trust" is engraved upon our currency. But do our spending and giving habits give evidence to the fact that those words have been engraved upon our hearts?

The breadth of our generosity is what reveals the depth of our gratitude to the One who packed an infinite measure of grace into a finite container of flesh, delivered it to earth, and then watched as we ripped it open.

Amazing, abundant grace - there's more than enough to go around.

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