N.C. Baptist youth gather for Bible Drill finals
May 31 2002 by Jimmy Allen , BR Assistant Editor

N.C. Baptist youth gather for Bible Drill finals | Friday, May 31, 2002
  • Books of the Bible (like Ruth, 2 Chronicles and Titus);
  • Scripture searches in which they looked up a verse they were given and then recited it (examples included Jeremiah 17:7, Psalm 103:1, John 13:34 and Deuteronomy 6:4);
  • Phrases from a scripture verse, (like "Made under the law" - Galatians 4:4-5);
  • Doctrinal statements like "the church" (Acts 2:42);
  • Responses to questions ("What shall I seek?" - Matthew 6:33).

    At the start of the Bible Drill, White, the caller, reminded the participants of the rules and asked the youth to relax as much as possible. He also requested the approximately 150 people attending to pray for everyone involved.

    Each group awaiting its turn was kept in another part of the church facilities. Last year some parents who heard the questions of previous groups tipped off their waiting children, White said

    "I know we're in competition, but we're all in the family of God," White said. "I thank the Lord for the youth who have given the effort to be here today."

    The purpose of Bible Drill is to get youth to use the Bible for doctrinal and ethical concerns, help increase their love of the Bible and give the youth poise and confidence, Whitehead said. She also hopes the youth will increase their understanding of the scripture they hide in their hearts.

    "We wouldn't want it just to be something they recite - that doesn't mean anything to them," Whitehead said.

    As part of the drill, the youth are asked to raise their hand if they step forward with an answer and they are wrong - even if they aren't called upon. During the state final, a hand was raised about five times. Raising a hand could be the difference in getting the highest score or not.

    When a hand was raised, White noted the gesture by saying, "Thank you."

    "That's a hard thing to admit. But God knows it, and they know it," said Whitehead, noting that integrity is also a character trait organizers hope to see. "To me, that makes the winners.... We don't ever want to lose the integrity of our drills."

    In the youth speakers' tournament also held on May 18, Hannah Ford's older sister, Rebekah, was recognized for receiving the most points. Lauren Penny, of First Baptist Church of Buies Creek, received the second highest point total. Other youth speakers' tournament finalists are Emily Gallimore from University Hills Baptist Church, Metrolina; Rebecca Glover, Calvary Baptist Church, North Roanoke; and Kyle White, Harris Chapel Baptist Church, Tar River.

  • Friday, May 31, 2002

    N.C. Baptist youth gather for Bible Drill finals

    By Jimmy Allen BR Assistant Editor

    THOMASVILLE - The first question in the state Bible Drill finals on May 18 at Carolina Memorial Baptist Church was straightforward and simple.

    Stuart White, the facilitator or caller, said the word "Ephesians." The nine teenage girls and boys participating waited for White to say, "Begin," and then opened the Bibles they were holding and turned to the New Testament book. Each of the nine had eight seconds to place their index finger on the page, look at White and step forward ready to recite the books preceding (Galatians) and following Ephesians (Philippians).

    All nine stepped forward.

    One of those was asked to recite the books, which was done correctly.

    White said "Thank you" and the teens stepped back, waiting for the next question.

    No mention of the answer being correct or incorrect was made. And that's by design.

    Jeanie Whitehead, coordinator of the Bible Drill and a member of the Congregational Services Team of the Baptist State Convention, said the BSC emphasizes the youth are not competing against each other. "They're in competition with the standard," Whitehead said.

    Judges know the answer, but they are looking for more than a right answer. They look for how quickly the youth finds the answer, how he or she holds the Bible and whether or not the youth keeps his or her eyes on the caller. Bonuses are given for being the first one to step forward.

    The 26 youth from across the state who participated in the state final had earned their way by scoring the highest number of points at a regional drill. Each is considered a state winner, Whitehead said. During the final, the youth participated in one of three groups for the opportunity to represent North Carolina at a multi-state Bible Drill demonstration at Ridgecrest the week of June 29 through July 2.

    Jonathan Taylor, a member of Fellowship Baptist Church in Lillington, was the high scorer.

    He has been involved in Bible Drill the past six years. The Bible Drill class at his church met on Wednesday nights beginning in October where they learned two to three verses a week. By the end of December, the class knew all the verses for the drill and then began to practice their proficiency with using those verses by having practice drills.

    His youth Bible Drill leader, Debbie Currin, tried to underscore the meaning of the verses they learned, he said.

    "When you're witnessing to people, you can always remember verses from Bible Drill," Taylor said. One of his favorites is Romans 3:23 - "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God." Taylor used the King James Version.

    Hannah Ford of Mount Vernon Baptist Church in Boone received the second highest point total. She and 14 other teens were taught by Denise Critcher who led the Bible Drill classes on Wednesday nights. To help the youth understand a verse, Critcher would talk about the subject of a verse, like wisdom from Proverbs 3:13, and also give activity sheets related to the topic.

    Ford studied the New International Version.

    Various questions

    The same series of 25 questions was asked of each of the three groups. Two of the groups used the King James Version and one group used the New International Version.

    Questions were asked in the following categories:

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