Horton, Davis to run as CCB candidates
May 2 2003 by Steve DeVane , BR Managing Editor

Horton, Davis to run as CCB candidates | Friday, May 2, 2003

Friday, May 2, 2003

Horton, Davis to run as CCB candidates

By Steve DeVane BR Managing Editor

PLEASANT GARDEN - Conservative Carolina Baptists (CCB) officials announced April 24 that the group would endorse David Horton for president of the Baptist State Convention (BSC) and Brian Davis for BSC second vice president.

The announcement was made to about 80 people at a CCB rally at Pleasant Garden Baptist Church. About 15 more people came to the meeting later.

Horton is pastor of Gate City Baptist Church in Greensboro. Davis is pastor of First Baptist Church in East Flat Rock.

Horton will face David Hughes, pastor of First Baptist Church in Winston-Salem. Davis has no announced competition.

CCB officials said a potential candidate for first vice president was still praying about whether to run. Raymond Earp, a layman from Beaufort, is the only announced candidate for that position.

Current BSC President Jerry Pereira and First Vice President Bob Foy will complete their second terms this year and are not eligible to run again.

Hughes and Earp have been endorsed by Mainstream Baptists of North Carolina.

David Horton, left, talks with Mark Corts following the CCB rally on April 24.
Horton and Hughes became good friends several years ago while working together on plans to share leadership among moderates and conservatives.

Horton is giving up a potential second term as BSC second vice president to run for president. He said in an interview after the CCB rally that he has been thinking about running for president since last year. He said that he's felt since early this year that God was leading him to run.

When asked if he was concerned about indications that moderate churches might lose interest in the BSC if their candidates lose in November, Horton said he doesn't know what moderate churches might do. He said he would ask moderate churches to look at his record of involvement in the BSC.

"I've had moderates say they trust me and see me as a person who's fair," he said.

Horton seemed to back off earlier indications that he supports all four of the BSC's giving plans. He said he would wait to see the recommendations from a committee that is studying Plan C recommends before making a statement.

"We can only do as a convention what the messengers direct," he said.

The committee is carrying out a request made at the last BSC meeting to look at whether Plan C violates the BSC constitution.

Plan C is the only one of the BSC's giving plans that contributes to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. A provision in the BSC constitution says one of its purposes is to "cooperate with the work of the Southern Baptist Convention."

Horton said he thinks the BSC General Board is close to having an equal number of conservatives and moderates. Balance there might be achieved this year, he said.

Conservatives have won at least two of the top three BSC offices seven of the last eight years, but some conservatives still say they want more representatives on the General Board.

Horton said most other BSC boards are "not close" to being balanced. He declined to name specific boards.

During his comments to the CCB members, Horton talked about the importance of Nov. 14, 1995 - the day Greg Mathis was elected BSC president. Horton nominated Mathis, whose election began a string of conservative victories in the BSC president's race that has not been broken.

"People have asked me, 'What could we expect of you if we elect you to be the president of the Baptist State Convention?'" he said. "You can expect the same kind of conservative leadership that we have seen from those men who have been elected since 1995."

Pereira, who was one of several speakers at the CCB meeting, spoke highly of Horton and Davis.

"I know these gentlemen personally," he said. "David is really the one who really started us with Greg Mathis, nominating him for president, people realizing the election of conservatives, that there are people who have a solid theology and a right spirit, the spirit of Christ."

Pereira called Horton a "man of God."

"I would be proud to see him as our next president of our North Carolina state Baptist convention," he said.

Brian Davis
Pereira said he worked with Davis on a tent crusade where 200 people were saved.

"Brian worked so hard in that tent crusade, winning people to faith in Jesus Christ, doing the hands on things he needs to do, standing on the word of God," Pereira said. "With Brian working together with David, I think we're going to have a glorious future together."

Horton said he is grateful to be a candidate.

"I stand here as a man who stands on a solid, firm foundation and that is the foundation of God's holy word," he said. "I do believe it to be His word without error."

Biblical inerrancy was the battle cry of conservatives as they gained control of the Southern Baptist Convention in the 1980s.

"I'm thankful to be a Southern Baptist and I'm thankful to be a North Carolina Baptist, as well," Horton said. "I'm one of those that love the Southern Baptist Convention. Where on earth could you find a denomination that is accomplishing more good in our country or our world than the Southern Baptist Convention?"

Horton said there is "so much good" taking place in the BSC. He said he's been impressed with the workers at the Baptist building.

"I am especially thankful for Dr. Jim Royston," he said. "I stand with him in support of him for his vision for North Carolina Baptists."

Davis told CCB members that he has been greatly impacted by Mathis and by former BSC president Mac Brunson. Davis said he remembers Brunson challenging N.C. Baptists to go on a mission trip to Honduras.

"I had never been out of the nation on a mission trip," he said. "I could not believe the influence and the impact it had on my life and my church's life."

The church has since started a Hispanic church, Davis said.

"We have had our eyes opened in Honduras to the Hispanic population in our own community," he said.

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