Family Bible Study lesson for May 22: Decide to Obey God : Friday, May 6, 2005
May 6 2005 by Phillip Hamm

Family Bible Study lesson for May 22: Decide to Obey God : Friday, May 6, 2005
Friday, May 6, 2005

Family Bible Study lesson for May 22: Decide to Obey God

By Phillip Hamm
Focal Passage: Genesis 22:1-14

Didn't you just hate it when you asked your parents why you had to do something and they replied, "because I told you so"? This reply to my incessant questioning bothered me so much that after one event, I said to my parents, "No, I want a good reason."

Needless to say I never did that again, but I did promise that I would always give my children a good reason for whatever I told them to do. That philosophy didn't last long. Sometimes we don't have the time to explain our reasoning because something dangerous is about to happen. Sometimes even if we try to explain our reasoning, they won't understand it anyway. And sometimes we just want them to obey us because we are their parents. I think this is the best way to explain the reasoning God has when He commands us to obey Him.

Remain Ready to Obey God

Genesis 22:1-2

Abraham in his old age had been promised a son from whom a great nation would rise, but now God was telling Abraham to kill Isaac. Scripture highlights the severity of this request by stating that this was Abraham's "only son." This boy, in Abraham's view, was the only chance to fulfill God's promise. But, instead of arguing and complaining, Abraham was ready to obey.

My dad was chairman of the property committee of my home church. He would take my brother and me along to help with projects around the church.

One day he had to go out on the roof to check a leaky spot and I got to go with him. Boy, was it exciting to walk several stories above the city. There were all sorts of things to see and touch, particularly wires. There were old wires and new wires, phone lines and electrical lines, dead lines and live lines.

As a child I had never been high enough to touch one of these electrical lines, so I decided to see if a particular line could hold my weight. Just as I was going to wrap my little hands around that wire, my dad yelled from the other side of the roof. Little did I know the wire was live and could have killed me.

My parents had taught us, through much patience and effort, to obey them at a moment's notice. My dad didn't have the time to explain why, he simply expected me to obey. This is the type of obedience God wanted from Abraham. God wasn't going to reveal all the reasons why He was asking Abraham to sacrifice his only son. God only wanted Abraham to be ready to obey whatever was asked of him. Obedience like this takes a great amount of faith.

Obey in Faith

Genesis 22:3-8

How do we get to the point in our lives where we have the obedient faith of Abraham? How did Abraham have the faith to sacrifice Isaac while some modern-day Christians don't have enough faith to tithe? It comes down to trust. Abraham's faith wasn't an unattainable faith. His faith was grounded on what he knew about God - he knew God was trustworthy.

The story is told about a burning building in New York City's Harlem, where a blind girl was perched on the fourth-floor window. The firemen had become desperate. They couldn't fit the ladder truck between the buildings, and they couldn't get her to jump into a net, which she, of course, couldn't see. Finally her father arrived and shouted through a bullhorn that there was a net and she was to jump on his command. The girl jumped and was so completely relaxed that she did not break a bone or even strain a muscle in the four-story fall.

Because she trusted her father completely, when she heard his voice she did what he said was best. Having obedient faith is trusting that God knows what is best, even when we may not understand.

Experience God's Blessings

Genesis 22:9-14

God is not asking us to sacrifice our only child. He is asking us to first surrender our lives wholly to Him, and then to surrender to His will daily. When we are able to give Him daily control, we will receive immeasurable blessings through both peaceful and difficult times.

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