Have ladder, will paint
November 1 2001 by Tony W. Cartledge , BR Editor

Have ladder, will paint | Friday, Nov 2, 2001

Friday, Nov 2, 2001

Have ladder, will paint

By Tony W. Cartledge BR Editor A recent attempt at home improvement has turned into an unexpected string of home repairs. We had to replace several windowsills and some brick molding that had begun to rot, along with several pieces of siding that had begun to swell and come apart. Several of these items happen to be located on the two dormers in our upstairs "bonus room," and it became my job to paint them.

I've patched shingles beneath the dormers while leaning out the window from the inside, but that doesn't work for painting, and the roof there is far too steep to stand on.

That meant, I decided, it was time for me to buy a ladder. I've lived in the same two-story house for thirteen years without owning anything taller than a six-foot stepladder, and there was a reason for that. I've never particularly enjoyed home maintenance chores, and I figured that if you don't own a ladder, you don't have to paint. So, every few years, I've paid someone else to paint my house.

But, the last time I contracted with a painter to do a small job, he took a $100 advance and never came back. Since then, he took up hard drinking, left his wife, and has no working phone number that I can find.

Deciding that self-sufficiency might be a better route, I went out and bought a 28-foot heavy-duty aluminum ladder. I strapped it to the roof rack of Jan's Explorer (which has new tires) and brought it home, only to discover an eight-inch crack in one of the legs.

The next day I hauled it back to the store, exchanged the ladder for another one, and started painting.

When the time comes to paint the whole house again, maybe I'll take on that project, too.

After all, I have a ladder now, and ladders are meant to be used - just as faith in Christ is meant to be lived out and shared, not left out back to gather cobwebs.

There might be a lesson in that.

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