Late night paper fight
November 21 2001 by Tony W. Cartledge , BR Editor

Late night paper fight | Wednesday, Nov 21, 2001

Wednesday, Nov 21, 2001

Late night paper fight

By Tony W. Cartledge BR Editor I've found a new job to hate. Our ongoing home renovations have reached the master bathroom, where the demolition project of removing all the tile and drywall around the squeaky old bathtub fell to me.

Piece of cake.

Even 5-year-old Samuel helped. He put his hammer and wrecking bar to good use and had a ball.

The next step was more like a ball and chain.

The wallpaper had been up for 13 years and had changed color behind every picture. It had also entered a mystical union with the drywall beneath.

"We can do the wallpaper ourselves," we told ourselves, "and save some money."

"We can rent a steamer," we thought, "and it will be easy."


And the Mona Lisa is a man.

I went to the local hardware store and plunked down $27 to rent a steamer overnight. I started work just after supper, thinking I could easily knock it out before bedtime.

Bedtime turned out to be 2:30 a.m.

Even that little porcupine-on-a-stick roller failed to help much. Perforating the paper just made it holey. (I guess that makes the tool a holey roller.)

I decided the steamer's instructional video, featuring a dainty little lady raking off wallpaper with a putty knife, was intended to mock me.

My fingers are scarred, my wrists are blistered, and my eyelids are drooping - but the wallpaper is gone. I wasn't about to pay for another night's rental on the steamer.

I reached at least two conclusions:

(1) The aging wallpaper in the other bathroom now looks a whole lot better than I thought it did.

(2) If the road to perdition was simply marked with a "Wallpaper stripping ahead" sign, hell would be a lot less populated.

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