'Thank you' for a good convention
November 21 2001 by Jim Royston , BSC Executive Director-treasurer

'Thank you' for a good convention | Wednesday, Nov 21, 2001

Wednesday, Nov 21, 2001

'Thank you' for a good convention

By Jim Royston BSC Executive Director-treasurer The conclusion of any annual Baptist State Convention meeting is in itself something to celebrate. This was especially true this year with the long list of uncertainties we faced: meeting in two different buildings (setting up everything twice), six breakout sessions with no way to know how many people would attend, a musical extravaganza involving literally hundreds of people and, of course, tightened security. Everything went well - very well. The complete list of people to thank would more than fill the space allotted for this article. A meeting of this type and size required a virtual army of workers, both volunteers and Baptist building staff, working many days before the meeting and almost around-the-clock once we arrived at the convention site.

I must first thank that special group of people who prayed specifically for our meeting this year. Bob Lowman, who leads the Metrolina Prayer Network in Charlotte, developed and printed a special 4-page prayer guide for our annual meeting, mobilizing hundreds of people to pray both before and during our annual gathering in Winston-Salem. The spiritual guideline for this project was the Lord's Prayer (Matt. 6: 9-13) suggesting directives to guide individuals in their prayer time. People were asked to pray for each person who would be coming to the convention, the people of the city of Winston-Salem, for all the proceedings and activities of the sessions. This year's meeting was literally bathed in prayer. Thank you Bob, and all the others who participated in this very special effort.

The three convention officers - Mike Cummings, Buddy Corbin and Larry Harper - deserve special recognition for their tireless efforts. It is impossible to exaggerate the energy required to preside at such a gathering. Being fair to 5,000-plus Baptists all gathered in one room, but not all of one opinion, is a challenge of the first order. Thanks also to others on the program who preached sermons, gave reports, and led in devotionals and prayers.

Convention committees also had challenging responsibilities for this year's meeting. Local Arrangements had to oversee events scattered in three different buildings. The Program Committee was willing to experiment with a different format, including the elimination of a general session in favor of six breakout groups and placing elections on two different days.

The "Experiencing God" musical on Tuesday evening was truly awesome. Thanks also go to our own Music and Worship Team as well as the 400-voice choir representing 30 churches. I hope we will plan similar worship experiences for future conventions.

Our three new convention officers - Jerry Pereira, president, and Bob Foy and Larry Harper, first and second vice-presidents - all face challenging and interesting times. Our new president, in a press conference following his election, pledged to continue the spirit of inclusiveness characteristic of previous convention presidents. What we do together - Mobilizing Baptists for Ministry - is simply too important to follow any other course of action.

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