A Biblical Recorder 'star search'
October 31 2002 by Tony W. Cartledge , BR Editor

A Biblical Recorder 'star search' | Friday, Nov 1, 2002

Friday, Nov 1, 2002

A Biblical Recorder 'star search'

By Tony W. Cartledge BR Editor

Television has introduced a variety of "star search" programs through the years, seeking to discover undeveloped talent and create new media stars.

Does the world really need more "celebrities" whose only real claim to fame is being famous?

Colleges and universities also conduct talent searches, often by inviting promising students to attend special seminars or classes. The schools thus hope to recruit the brightest and the best for their degree programs and research departments.

I can respect programs like that - those would-be researchers will probably live their lives in relative obscurity, but may also make significant contributions to the world through developments in science, technology or human understanding.

The Biblical Recorder is embarking on a star search, not to identify people with potential, but as a way of recognizing people who have already made an important difference, or are contributing now.

There are many ways to bless the world, and we can't recognize all of them - but we're looking for folks to help us identify two particular groups of people who deserve recognition but are rarely recognized for their efforts.

First, we'd like to identify some of North Carolina's most committed mission volunteers. Do you know people who have unselfishly devoted themselves to volunteer missions over an extended period of time? Someone who gives annual vacation time to missions, perhaps, or someone who thinks of "retirement" as an appointment to the mission field? Do you know someone who may not have the ability or opportunity to travel, but who has tirelessly promoted missions giving or missions education?

We also want to identify some of the good people who have supported and promoted the Biblical Recorder through the years. Every now and then I learn of someone who has read the Recorder faithfully for 80 years, or who has demonstrated faithful and persuasive vitality as a Biblical Recorder representative for his or her church or association, sometimes for decades.

We know there are many avid supporters of the Biblical Recorder, but we don't know who many of them are.

Folks who give of themselves for the cause of proclaiming the gospel through missions, and those who support the responsible reporting of Baptist news through the Biblical Recorder deserve our appreciation.

We're planning a series of articles for 2003 that will highlight some of these special individuals, but we need your help in identifying them.

We encourage our readers to tell us about people you know who deserve some recognition. Who would you recommend as "Missions Volunteer of the Year," or "Biblical Recorder Supporter of the Year"? And why?

Please send your letters to me at P. O. Box 18808, Raleigh, N.C. 27619-8808, or send e-mails to: editor@biblicalrecorder.org. Or, visit our booth at the convention in Winston-Salem and fill out a nomination form there. Please include an address and phone number for the person you are recommending, and tell us why you think they are so special.

We are confident there is a whole galaxy of uncharted stars shining throughout our state, and we'd like to help put them on the map as shining examples to all.

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