Conservative group wants CBF out of BSC budget
November 22 2002 by Steve DeVane , BR Managing Editor

Conservative group wants CBF out of BSC budget | Friday, Nov 22, 2002

Friday, Nov 22, 2002

Conservative group wants CBF out of BSC budget

By Steve DeVane BR Managing Editor

A conservative group wants all the money given through the Baptist State Convention's (BSC) giving plans to go to the BSC or the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).

Three of the BSC's four plans give money to the SBC. The other, Plan C, sends money to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF). All four plans include money for non-SBC groups.

Conservative Carolina Baptists (CCB) issued the call in a statement released to the Biblical Recorder a few days after the end of the BSC's annual meeting Nov. 13. The statement from CCB President Bill Sanderson dealt with a motion by Tom McLean to take money from the Recorder and give it to the CCB's newsletter, the Conservative Record.

Steve Hardy, editor of the Conservative Record, spoke against the motion, which failed by an overwhelming vote.

Sanderson said McLean was giving moderates "a dose of their own medicine." Because moderates put "select pet projects" in the BSC's giving plans, conservatives should be able to do the same.

"However, our real concern is that we believe the giving plans should only offer options which are directly connected to the (BSC) or the SBC," he said. "If we are going to give to the Cooperative Program, let's stop playing games with the labels. It's time that we get back to some honest terms."

Sanderson said churches can now give money to the Cooperative Program "for things that have absolutely nothing to do with the Cooperative Program, such as break-away CBF groups."

"We believe this is wrong now and it was wrong from the beginning," he said.

CCB wants all non-BSC and non-SBC items removed from the budget plans, Sanderson said.

"This would not touch the autonomy of the local church in the least," he said. "Churches can still send their money to the organizations they wish to support. They simply have to stop calling it 'Cooperative Program.'"

All four giving plans send money to the Christian Action League and the Baptist World Alliance. Plans B and C send money to the Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs, Associated Baptist Press and the Baptist Center for Ethics.

CCB also took issue with the Biblical Recorder, saying the paper "does not fairly represent the conservative viewpoint."

"One only needs to look at the board of the (Recorder) to see that it is probably the most imbalanced board in the entire (BSC)," Sanderson said. "We don't doubt the intentions of the editor and his staff when they attempt to produce their own brand of fairness, but someone is not listening to conservatives!"

The three BSC officers, who are all conservatives, have indicated their support for all four giving plans.

BSC Executive Director-treasurer Jim Royston said BSC leaders affirm that there are "more positives than negatives" in having the plans. He said he thinks that diversity in the giving options has kept the BSC together.

"I continue to think the choices are good for all of the churches as a whole," he said.

Royston said the committee to study the constitutionality will probably be announced at the executive committee meeting in December.

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