Literacy missions on the rise
November 8 2002 by Tony W. Cartledge , BR Editor

Literacy missions on the rise | Friday, Nov 8, 2002

Friday, Nov 8, 2002

Literacy missions on the rise

By Tony W. Cartledge BR Editor

Every year, thousands of new residents move to North Carolina, and many of them have little proficiency with the English language.

And each year, hundreds of North Carolina students drop out of school, many of them unable to read or write much more than their name.

Reading is so basic to daily existence that it requires an effort for most people to imagine being unable to read traffic signs, grocery store labels or job applications.

Among those who have made that effort are hundreds of volunteers who want to help others learn to read and write. They know that few gifts are more valuable or vital to successful daily living, and so they spend untold hours in classrooms, prisons, churches and private homes as they share time, patience and expertise with others who want to improve their reading and writing skills.

A large contingent of volunteer tutors and teachers, mentors and trainers gathered at Caraway Conference Center Oct. 18-20 for an annual literacy missions conference sponsored by the Special Missions team of the Baptist State Convention's (BSC) Congregational Services group.

The 125 volunteers and conference leaders comprised the largest literacy missions conference yet, according to Donnie Wiltshire, BSC consultant for Special Missions.

The conference theme of "Teach One, Win One" reminded participants that literacy training offers many opportunities for sharing the gospel and leading students to experience a relationship with Christ.

One challenge of literacy training is to master the acronyms used to identify various avenues of literacy missions. A variety of conferences were offered in the areas of ESL (English as a Second Language), TCY (Tutoring Children and Youth), ARW (Adult Reading and Writing), and CE (Conversational English).

A new conference on EFL (English as a Foreign Language) provided tips for volunteers who plan to teach English in a mission setting overseas.

Jeannette Walters of Goldsboro was honored as Literacy Missions Volunteer of the year.

"Many who came told us that they felt it was the best training conference we have ever had in North Carolina," Wiltshire said.

Potential volunteers seeking more information can contact Wiltshire at (800) 395-5102 ext. 404 or by e-mail at

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