Page urges N.C. Baptists to honor God
November 15 2002 by Jimmy Allen , BR Assistant Editor

Page urges N.C. Baptists to honor God | Friday, Nov 15, 2002

Friday, Nov 15, 2002

Page urges N.C. Baptists to honor God

By Jimmy Allen BR Assistant Editor

WINSTON-SALEM - A pastor battling cancer urged more than 2,000 N.C. Baptists to realize the world is in a state of moral decay and to develop a God-honoring direction.

"Oh, how we are living in a self-satisfaction age," Charles Page said Nov. 11 during the sermon for the Baptist State Convention annual meeting.

To illustrate the self-satisfaction of some people, Page told the story of Thomas K. Beecher serving as a substitute preacher for his famous brother, Henry Ward Beecher, at the Plymouth church in Brooklyn, New York. Many had arrived to hear Henry speak, and when they saw that Thomas was preaching, some got up to leave.

Thomas then said: "All those who came here this morning to worship Henry Ward Beecher may leave the sanctuary at this time, but all who came to worship God may remain." Page echoed the Thomas Beecher. "We are here to worship almighty God," he said.

Page was scheduled to give the convention sermon at last year's annual meeting as well as be nominated to be president of the convention. But a reoccurrence of cancer caused him to withdraw his name from nomination and miss the convention sermon. Since then, he has undergone treatment in Little Rock, Arkansas, while serving as pastor of First Baptist Church, Charlotte.

Page thanked those attending the meeting for praying for him. He told about a program at his church in which every time a member saw an UPS truck they were to pray for him.

"Instinctively, I knew some people were praying for me," he said.

The title of the sermon, "Understanding Our Times," came from 1 Chronicles 12:32. In the sermon, he decried humanism and its belief that moral values derive their source from human experience and that no deity will save people. "That argument will destroy your children and grandchildren," Page said.

When John Quincy Adams was president of the United States, he stood before Congress and held two one-pound weights, one from Maine and one from Massachusetts. One of the weights was an ounce heavier than the other, he said. "Gentlemen, we need a standard," Adams said. Congress responded by creating the House Weights and Measurement Committee.

"Yes, we need a standard, and that standard is God's precious word," Page said.

He quoted the psalmist who wrote, "a people without a vision perish." That vision needs to be bold and courageous. Paul and Barnabas left Antioch unaware of the dangers they would experience. "That's the kind of boldness we ought to have," Page said.

"Oh God, so fill me with your Holy Spirit so nothing else matters," he said.

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