Pereira shows spirit of conservative cooperation
November 15 2002 by Steve DeVane , BR Managing Editor

Pereira shows spirit of conservative cooperation | Friday, Nov 15, 2002

Friday, Nov 15, 2002

Pereira shows spirit of conservative cooperation

By Steve DeVane BR Managing Editor

WINSTON-SALEM - Baptist State Convention (BSC) President Jerry Pereira interspersed cooperative themes with conservative principles in his address to messengers Nov. 12 at the annual BSC meeting.

Pereira, pastor of First Baptist Church of Swannanoa, said he supported BSC Executive Director-treasurer Jim Royston's goals of a $50 million Cooperative Program budget, 43,000 baptisms and 150 new congregations by 2006.

"I believe we are on our way to accomplishing those goals," Pereira said. "They are God-sized goals."

Pereira said the church is built on the fact that Jesus was born of a virgin.

"There is no middle ground in the belief in the virgin birth of Jesus," he said.

Pereira said Jesus' death is matchless.

"The cross alone is a gory place, but with Jesus on that cross, it is a glory place," he said.

Churches are built on the truth of the cross, Pereira said.

"If we're going to build churches, we must build churches that are marinating their ministries in prayer, that are soaking their sanctuaries in prayer," he said.

Pereira said God is working through N.C. Baptists because they are cooperating together.

"I'm convinced that we can do more together than we can do separately," he said. "I believe that."

Christians are in a spiritual war, Pereira said.

"The enemy is not our brothers or sisters in Christ, whatever their label," he said.

Pereira also mentioned the prospect of earthly war, asking messengers to pray for U.S. troops.

"What's going to happen with that wacky Iraqi?" he said. "I have a suspicion what's going to happen when George W. gets a hold of him."

Going back to the spiritual emphasis, Pereira said he has read the final chapter of history.

"We win," he said.

Pereira concluded by summarizing the book of Acts - Jesus went up, the Holy Spirit came down, and the church went out and touched their communities for Christ.

"North Carolina Baptists, let's go and do likewise."

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