Saying thanks
November 22 2002 by Tony W. Cartledge , BR Editor

Saying thanks | Friday, Nov 22, 2002

Friday, Nov 22, 2002

Saying thanks

By Tony W. Cartledge BR Editor

There are many reasons and many ways to say "thank you," and many people who should be the object of our thanks.

I wanted the Biblical Recorder to offer a special "thank you" gift to pastors and other ministers this year.

Finding a gift that has good value but little cost is a real trick.

We came up with an idea whose value comes mostly from a big chunk of my late-night time. It also gave me a chance to employ some of those Bible study and teaching skills I picked up through nine years of post-graduate study at Southeastern Seminary and Duke University.

I remember how hard it was, with a minister's busy schedule, to do adequate preparation for the annual Bible study. So, I decided to offer some spadework (old and new) that I had done on the books being promoted for this year's January/Midwinter/Annual Bible study.

We came up with a gift CD that includes data files with 50 pages of teaching notes on 1 Corinthians (the LifeWay study) and 80 pages on 1 & 2 Samuel (promoted by Smyth & Helwys).

As a bonus, we asked Broadman-Holman's permission to include digital files of all completed portions of the Holman Christian Standard Bible. Sam Gantt in Nashville worked that out for us.

To add even more value to a truly multi-purpose CD, we obtained permission to include seven music tracks from Richard Kingsmore, Cindy Johnson and Giles Blankenship, all rising musical artists. Cindy and Giles are both veterans of the BSC evangelism department's summer mission "Witness" teams. Richard is music assistant at Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, and his piano solos are incredible.

We're grateful to Sam, Cindy, Richard and Giles for their help.

Ministers who did not pick up a CD at the convention meeting in Winston-Salem can call or e-mail our office at (919) 847-2127 or, and we'll put a "thank-you" CD in the mail.

Even those who don't appreciate my commentary notes can enjoy the music.

And, we hope, feel appreciated.

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