'Be careful about drawing conclusions that belong to God' : Tuesday, Nov 25, 2003
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'Be careful about drawing conclusions that belong to God' : Tuesday, Nov 25, 2003
Tuesday, Nov 25, 2003

'Be careful about drawing conclusions that belong to God'

James Walker's convention sermon (BR, Nov. 22) follows an unfortunate but familiar pattern. A pastor develops a "successful" church and is invited to a large meeting to share his insights, in this case the convention of N.C. Baptists. In the process, he denigrates churches that are not like his or do things differently from his. In Walker's case, he speaks of churches like the Laodicean congregation of Revelation 3, and refers to them as spiritually dead, but not aware of it. He said they appeared outwardly prosperous but are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. In addition, he said such churches are dead because "the Holy Spirit is not in them." My question is, how does he know? Has he visited these congregations? Is he intimately aware of the dynamics involved in these churches? Has he served as their pastor, and therefore has inside information that leads him to this damning conclusion? Has God spoken to him personally about such things? Is his insight so keen, and bravado so strong, that he is willing to name names?

Since he is using the letters in Revelation, I would remind him that it is the risen Christ who is making such conclusions about the churches profiled there. It is not the pastor of the church at Smyrna or Philadelphia, two of the seven that have nothing negative said about them. In other words, Walker, and those who have committed the same grievance, borders dangerously on blasphemy, taking on himself the role of the Holy Spirit.

Let us be careful about drawing conclusions that belong to God and God alone.

Randy L. Hyde

Little Rock, Ark.

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