Budget passes after failed attempt to cut Recorder funding : Wednesday, Nov 12, 2003
November 12 2003 by

Budget passes after failed attempt to cut Recorder funding : Wednesday, Nov 12, 2003
Wednesday, Nov 12, 2003

Budget passes after failed attempt to cut Recorder funding

From staff reports

WINSTON-SALEM - Messengers to the Baptist State Convention (BSC) annual meeting approved the 2004 budget after defeating an amendment that would have cut money going to the Biblical Recorder by $200,000.

The 2004 budget is 6.3 percent below the 2003 budget, and in line with actual anticipated income for 2003. The 2003 budget called for income of $37.55 million, but the 2004 version drops to $35.18 million, the lowest total since 2000, when the budget was $34 million.

Following new policies adopted at last year's annual meeting, messengers also approved a budget for 2005. That budget is fractionally larger at $35.68 million, though still below the 2001 budget of $35.75 million.

Tim Rogers, pastor of Victory Baptist Church in Seagrove, proposed the amendment that would have cut the Recorder's funding. BSC officials estimated that about 70 percent of messengers present voted against the amendment.

The proposal marked the second straight year that messengers considered cutting funds to the N.C. state Baptist paper. Last year, messengers overwhelmingly defeated a motion that would have taken an estimated $40,000 from the Recorder and given it to the Conservative Record, a newsletter published by Conservative Carolina Baptists.

The N.C. Ministries portion of the 2004 budget falls almost $2 million, from $26.27 million in 2003 to $24.34 million, a drop of 7.37 percent. N.C. Ministries will also receive a slightly smaller percentage of total budget income, falling from 69.97 to 69.19 percent.

The N.C. Ministries budget consists of the BSC's 68 percent share from Plans A, B and C and its 50 percent share from Plan D, plus partnership missions funds designated in Plans B, C and D.

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