Missionary urges 'sacrificial' giving to Lottie Moon : Tuesday, Nov 25, 2003
November 25 2003 by

Missionary urges 'sacrificial' giving to Lottie Moon : Tuesday, Nov 25, 2003
Tuesday, Nov 25, 2003

Missionary urges 'sacrificial' giving to Lottie Moon

I enjoyed reading your Nov. 1 column, "Farewell old friend," about the 1998 Oldsmobile you nicknamed Trigger. As you mentioned, you felt it was time to turn it in since it had 133,000 miles, and you would feel more secure with "a newer mount," especially when visiting churches in "far flung places." The type of car you drive is a minor issue when compared to other details connected to your ministry. Yet, when your job takes you to a remote area, and far from the closest repair shop, the quality of your vehicle takes on new significance. The possibility of being stranded or endangered are thoughts none of us consider pleasant. Your article illustrates points I think are important for N.C. Baptists during this current Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (LMCO) season. First, the money makes it possible for the International Mission Board to provide good, road-worthy vehicles to missionaries. If LMCO receipts fall short of the goal, then missionaries are forced to make their vehicles last longer. When a missionary travels in conditions that are extremely tough and hard on the car and missionary's body, then being forced to keep an old vehicle can become a major issue. When I first began to minister among the Maasai of southern Kenya and northern Tanzania 10 years ago, we were told to make our cars last 4-5 years. Now we are told to make them last up to 8 years.

So, my plea to N.C. Baptists is this: give prayerfully and sacrificially to the LMCO, so the kind of car missionaries drive can remain a secondary issue, rather than contributing to an early return because of a back injury, or from a wreck because of our vehicles.

David Crane

IMB missionary to Maasai, East Africa

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