'Separation of church and state has worked well' : Wednesday, Nov 19, 2003
November 19 2003 by

'Separation of church and state has worked well' : Wednesday, Nov 19, 2003
Wednesday, Nov 19, 2003

'Separation of church and state has worked well'

Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore and his religious right comrades would like America to become a Christian theocracy. Church and state would be one and the same; the effect of such a union would be political corruption big-time. Non-Christians and unbelievers would be treated like second-class citizens. A theocracy established in Jesus' name would displease Christ. Jesus rejected the temptation to rule a political kingdom. The last would be first in His kingdom. He mingled with sinners, talked to prostitutes and touched lepers. Never-failing love dominated everything Jesus did. He did not coerce anyone to follow him.

Separation of church and state has worked very well in our country for over 200 years and must be maintained. Were Roy Moore's actions done in love or were they done to promote a self-serving political agenda?

Paul L. Whiteley Sr.

Louisville, Ky.

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