Strong leadership needed to deal with BSC's financial crisis : Thursday, Nov 6, 2003
November 6 2003 by

Strong leadership needed to deal with BSC's financial crisis : Thursday, Nov 6, 2003
Thursday, Nov 6, 2003

Strong leadership needed to deal with BSC's financial crisis

My heartfelt concern has always been for N.C. Baptists to work together in a spirit that honors Christ. This letter, which deals with an issue that's been raised about one of the candidates for convention president, will hopefully reflect this concern.

I know David Hughes well. He has demonstrated respect for and openness to all N.C. Baptists and a commitment to shared leadership. I also know and respect David Horton, confident that he shares these same commitments.

With two good pastors running, we don't need attacks on the motives of either.

What we do need is strong leadership in dealing with our state convention's difficult financial crisis. Not only were 24 positions recently eliminated in the Baptist Building, but also there are hints of the need for further terminations if our giving does not improve.

By speaking out on our financial challenges, David Hughes told me he would probably anger conservatives by recommending a change in the SBC/BSCNC formula, and he would probably anger moderates by recommending a more unified giving plan.

I had the opportunity to talk with David as he wrestled with going forward with these financial recommendations. N.C. Baptists need to know that the concerns printed in the Conservative Record - that his recommendations reveal an anti-SBC agenda and are further aimed at punishing the SBC - are not accurate.

David Hughes is not that kind of person. He is known for his integrity.

He does not have an agenda. But he does have a genuine vision for North Carolina that focuses on reaching the growing numbers of lost within our state, revitalizing our churches, regaining our financial stability, and restoring our state convention family.

Kathryn H. HamrickBoiling Springs, N.C.

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