Family Bible Study lesson for Dec. 12: Follow Jesus, the Messiah : Friday, Nov 19, 2004
November 19 2004 by Robert Hunter

Family Bible Study lesson for Dec. 12: Follow Jesus, the Messiah : Friday, Nov 19, 2004
Friday, Nov 19, 2004

Family Bible Study lesson for Dec. 12: Follow Jesus, the Messiah

By Robert Hunter
Focal Passage: John 1:35-50

An appropriate response from those who encounter Jesus is to follow Him. Barna research polled adults in the United States and found that 95 percent profess to believe in God in some way and 85 percent claim to be Christian. But then a problem occurs. There seems to be no connection between what people claim to believe and the models after which they pattern their lives.

Jesus is the ultimate model we should follow and emulate. This leads to a natural question: "Why should I follow Jesus?" This passage from John provides the answer and highlights significant points for emulation.

Learn more about Jesus

John 1:35-39

In order to understand why you must follow Jesus, you must learn more about Him. Most things I have encountered in life were richer and more rewarding when they were approached with a sense of expectancy. John was expecting something to happen. Notice it is the "next day" when John and his disciples were already in place in a state of expectation. They were not disappointed.

Jesus came walking toward them, causing John to exclaim: "Behold, the Lamb of God!" Hearing John speak, they left John and followed Jesus. Jesus sensed they had questions: "What do you seek?" His answer to them was the same answer to us: "Come and see."

Jesus understood their confusion, their wishes, their longings and their hopes. He understands ours too. If we expect fulfillment in this life and have our questions answered, then we must learn more about Him and follow Him.

Tell others about Jesus

John 1:40-42

A natural outgrowth of our learning more about Jesus and following Him will be to tell others of what we have found. We want them to drink from the well that we have found, which satisfies our thirst as only it can.

It didn't take Andrew long to respond to this encounter. He knew what he had found and he wanted to share it. Andrew was already developing his character in relation to the Christ. He introduced Simon Peter to Jesus.

Every time you find Andrew he is introducing someone to Jesus. He went looking for that brother of his and exclaimed such a great truth: "We have found the Messiah." And then the sacred record says, "And he brought him to Jesus." What better thing can be said of a person than this?

I remember riding home on the school bus with a dear friend named Terry. I was speaking and behaving in my usual lost condition when out of the blue he informed me that he was saved the previous evening in a revival service. I can still feel the dumbfounded envelope of emotion that sealed itself upon me. I'm not sure what I had in mind, but I told him to have the pastor pray for me that night.

He reported the results back to me the next day, informing me that the pastor needed to see me and for me to attend the services. I did go within a day or two. The weight of the world was upon my shoulder that night as the invitation was given. I can only remember losing my voice and being in the aisle moving forward. I accepted the Lord that night because of an introducer named Terry.

I must also be an introducer and tell others about Jesus. This introduction of Jesus to others helps me understand God's plan for me, the final point of this emulation.

Experience Jesus' plan for you

John 1:43-50

These verses speak of the marvelous provisions of grace for everyone. It is highlighted in the fact that Philip is just an ordinary person. He is not some grand individual that Jesus sought after, yet Jesus invited him: "Follow Me."

That same invitation extends to each of us. We must do as Philip did. He found Nathaniel. Philip had to share what he found.

A research group reported that 85 percent or more of all converts are brought to Christ by someone they know or trust. Think of all the opportunities you have. Experience Jesus' plan for you and share it so others may know.

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