Family Bible Study lesson for Dec. 5: Confess Jesus, God's Son : Friday, Nov 19, 2004
November 19 2004 by Robert Hunter

Family Bible Study lesson for Dec. 5: Confess Jesus, God's Son : Friday, Nov 19, 2004
Friday, Nov 19, 2004

Family Bible Study lesson for Dec. 5: Confess Jesus, God's Son

By Robert Hunter
Focal Passage: John 1:19-34

This time of year brings forth thoughts of the nativity. But, for many, that is as far as it goes. We are familiar, at least somewhat, with the manger and the baby born there. We will hear sermons and Bible studies on the subject. We will see pageants and plays and nativity scenes outside churches and on people's lawns.

There is, however, one aspect that is even more important about this story. What does Jesus and His birth mean to you and what should you tell others about Jesus? This passage recorded by the evangelist John involving the baptizer John gives us some insights of what we are to tell and what we must believe.

Confess His superiority

John 1:19-28

The main question peaks because of a confrontation between John and the religious establishment. There is something mighty and miraculous happening at the river. They want to know what and how it might effect them. John, after all, is of priestly roots: he might have an inside track as to all these goings-on. Speculation is rife about his role in all this. Is he Elijah returned? No. Is he some great prophet, maybe Jeremiah, returned? No. He is simply a "voice."

If he is simply "a voice," then why now? Because there was the Chosen One who was on His way. One that John said was so superior to himself that he was not worthy to loose His sandal strap.

Roger Fredrikson captures the essence of this statement when he asks, "What task is comparable in our society? Carrying out the garbage? Emptying the bedpan? Cleaning up someone's vomit? Who of us would say we are not worthy of that?" Yet, John did!

Will you tell others?

Confess His redemptive work

John 1:29-31

"The next day" marks the initiation of sequence that points to Jesus' death. It is then that John exclaims, "Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!"

Because of God's revelation to an obedient servant, John is able to catch a glimpse of such grand truth. John would have known of Passover and the celebration associated with it. He would have understood the requirements for the sacrifice of a lamb. John would have understood that without the shedding of the lamb's blood there could be no forgiveness and no restoration of relationship with God.

Being the son of a priest, he may have remembered passages from Isaiah (53:7) that speak of the Lamb being led to slaughter, and of that Lamb being a substitute and paying the price for our sins and providing for our redemption.

The religious delegation could have acknowledged and confessed this revelation from God through John the baptizer, but they didn't.

Will you tell others?

Confess His deity

John 1:32-34

John saw and experienced firsthand the truth of this encounter: "He bore witness." He saw the dove make its appearance, and he saw in it the Holy Spirit descend upon Jesus and testify to the truth of that hour. He could testify to the initiation of the great work of redemption and to the identity and deity of Jesus the Christ. He admitted that it was not based upon some prior knowledge but upon the sign he knew to look for, "Upon whom you see the Spirit descending, and remaining ..."

This was no momentary event. The Spirit remained and provided permanent authorization and endorsement and inauguration upon Jesus. This was indeed God the Son who came freely into the world to offer Himself.

I have been a volunteer fireman in three towns now. The situation of the world and those in it remind me of a house fire. Let's say you happen by and see a house on fire. What would you do? Would you go home and hope someone else tells them? Would you go home and make a contribution to the fire department? Would you go home and pray about it? Or, would you run up to the door and knock furiously and try to alert all those inside?

The souls of people are on fire. Will you tell them?

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