Family Bible Study lesson for Nov. 28: Tell About God! : Friday, Nov 5, 2004
November 4 2004 by Robert Hunter

Family Bible Study lesson for Nov. 28: Tell About God! : Friday, Nov 5, 2004
Friday, Nov 5, 2004

Family Bible Study lesson for Nov. 28: Tell About God!

By Robert Hunter
Focal Passages: Psalm 145:3-5, 8-9, 11-21

God is the Great Creator. He is the sovereign ruler of all creation. He is the giver of life and meets all its needs. These are great truths that too many people either do not know or disregard. Nor do they praise Him as the Great Source and Provider. We, as believers, should know these facts and offer God the praise due to Him.

But, we are to do more than just offer praise to God. We are to tell others about Him and why He is deserving of our praise.

This Psalm reminds us of a number of praise worthy facets of God's character.

Tell of his grace

Psalm 145:3-5, 8-9

God's grace is without end. We sing so often of "Amazing grace! how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me! I once was lost, but now am found, was blind, but now I see."

Imagine being a trader specializing in human misery. That's what the writer of "Amazing Grace" did early in his life. John Newton was a slave trader, a broker of human flesh. He so well understood, and so should we, that grace is undeserved and unmerited. It is this grace that undergirds us.

If Christ is our Savior then it is this grace that abides in us. Paul in writing to the Romans tells us that it encompasses us. He reminds the Thessalonians that through grace comes our very calling, our ability to witness and tell others, and all our works flow from this grace.

Tell of His kingdom

Psalm 145:11-13

God as King has a kingly rule and possesses sovereignty. God has sovereign power over all kings and kingdoms. But do we really understand this? Have we allowed another truth to pass us by?

Henry David Thoreau posed the same question when he wrote, "The morning wind forever blows; The poem of creation uninterrupted; But few are the ears that hear it." Is that not the truth?

We talk a lot about the kingdom of God. We may pray it each week in the "Lord's Prayer." But have we become a willing participant?

Albert Schweitzer, in an interview, was asked about the greatest person alive at that point in time. He replied, "the greatest person was that unknown individual who had gone to some obscure place and shared love with another person in need." That is the kingdom of God in action.

Tell of His help

Psalm 145:14-16

He certainly has been present in my life, too many times to mention here. I have had the opportunity to see God take unskilled labor and make something of it. On a mission trip to New York, God helped a group of willing volunteers put a roof on a church. There was not a roofer in the bunch. Add to that the fact that it was a rainy week, that is, everywhere but the church. I witnessed a rain cloud divide and go on each side of the church. It rained all around us but never on the church.

Tell of His love

Psalm 145:17-21

God is love. How many times have we said that without really considering all the ramifications? Love has become so overused and misunderstood that it now is one of the most meaningless words in our vocabulary. Love has become a catchall term for us. But it is not that way for God at all. God's love is unchangeable. He knows us for what we are and loves us anyway, even when we disappoint Him.

I read about a charity representative who was looking through his records and noticed a rather wealthy member of the town who had not contributed. When he approached the person, he was immediately told that he had a brother who was a Vietnam veteran and wheelchair bound, a mother who was blind and unable to work, and a sister whose husband was killed and left with a mortgage and three small children. Before the charity representative could respond the person said, "If I don't give them money, what makes you think I will give you any?"

God loves us anyway!

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