CCB chooses not to oppose Harper
October 26 2001 by Steve DeVane , BR Managing Editor

CCB chooses not to oppose Harper | Friday, Oct. 26, 2001

Friday, Oct. 26, 2001

CCB chooses not to oppose Harper

By Steve DeVane BR Managing Editor A conservative group has decided not to challenge Larry Harper's bid for re-election as second vice president of the Baptist State Convention (BSC).

Conservative Carolina Baptists (CCB) announced in the November issue of its newsletter, The Conservative Record, that it will not oppose Harper, pastor of Forest Hills Baptist Church in Raleigh. He is considered a moderate.

Since the publication of the newsletter, Hampton Drum, a conservative and pastor of South River Baptist Church in Statesville, has announced that he will run for second vice president. He said he expects CCB to support him.

The CCB decision not to oppose Harper, included in a story criticizing the Biblical Recorder, is counter to earlier suggestions from CCB. A story announcing the presidential candidacy of Charles Page in the June edition of the newsletter said to "watch for additional announcements of other conservatives who will join Dr. Page in leading our state to continue our traditional ties to the mission of the Southern Baptist Convention."

At a regional luncheon in September sponsored by CCB, the scheduled speaker, Clarence Johnson, indicated that conservatives would run for the three BSC offices because conservatives needed to win all three to gain control of the BSC General Board. Johnson said he had some concern about running against Harper because he had been "at least fair" to conservatives.

CCB promotes two candidates in other articles published in the newsletter that focuses on the upcoming convention.

Jerry Pereria, pastor of First Baptist Church, Swannanoa, announced he would seek the presidency five days after Charles Page withdrew from the race because of a recurrence of cancer. Page's candidacy had been announced in the spring at a rally sponsored by CCB. Pereria said his views are similar to Page's. Pereria is a regional director for CCB, according to the group's Web site.

Raymond Earp, a layman from Calvary Baptist Church in Beaufort, announced his candidacy for president this past summer. Earp, a former president of N.C. Baptist Men, has been endorsed by Mainstream Baptists of North Carolina, a group advocating what it describes as traditional Baptist principles.

In the race for first vice president, Buddy Corbin, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Asheville, is seeking a second term and is being challenged by Bob Foy, a layman from Peninsula Baptist Church in Mooresville. Corbin has been endorsed by Mainstream, and Foy has been promoted by CCB.

Both Foy and Pereria joined the race after Mainstream interviewed candidates. Mainstream's steering committee chair, Don Gordon, said, "We are discussing our response to the emergence of other candidates."

The elections are scheduled during the annual meeting of the BSC, Nov. 12-14 in Winston-Salem's Lawrence Joel Memorial Coliseum.

(EDITOR'S NOTE-Assistant Editor Jimmy Allen contributed to this report.)

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