Family Bible Study lesson for Oct. 21: The Church - The Family's Partner
October 5 2001 by David Edgell , Titus 1:5,9; 2:1-8,11-15

Family Bible Study lesson for Oct. 21: The Church - The Family's Partner | Friday, Oct. 5, 2001

Friday, Oct. 5, 2001

Family Bible Study lesson for Oct. 21: The Church - The Family's Partner

By David Edgell Titus 1:5,9; 2:1-8,11-15 "Children are to be seen and not heard." This attitude is expressed in many different ways. We laugh when a young child repeats a comment by a parent or when they give an embarrassing insight. When our son was five, he shared an insight that to him was quite profound and required a call to action on my part. Our son sat in our bedroom listening intently to a conversation between my wife and me. She wanted me to complete something I really was not motivated to do. I stated my reluctance and when she left the room I made a comment, "I really don't want to do that." My son was quick to inform me that, "I was the boss and I should tell mom I was the boss." Then he stated I should declare my authority (author's words) and not do what she had asked. He then proceeded to the living room to inform his mother who was the boss of our home and what the boss desired to do (or not do).

While his intentions were great, by the time I finished talking my way back into good graces I briefly considered the possible wisdom of my son "being seen and not heard." Yet we subtly act out these desires in other ways.

An example of our neglect in this area is our disregard for mentoring in the church. We want people to grow. But do mature Christians take time to mentor other Christians? We delight in spiritual growth, but that is a process we want others to do. Or is it one we do ourselves? Do we want disciples that are seen, but not heard? Do we want to keep our distance from the messy work of making disciples?

Paul is clear in chapters one and two of Titus that all ages are to be involved in the mentoring process. Older Christians are to be an example to the younger. Younger Christians are to live out the example of Christ and the example of those that mentor them. They must follow their mentors to the extent that the mentors follow Christ. Sound beliefs are lived out as sound behavior.

We are guilty of segregating and separating men and women in the church. Our focus on age grading has developed a system that carries over into the total church life. The average church member senses no responsibility to spend time with those younger than themselves. They make statements such as: "I could not teach them anything. Even if I could they would not listen." Yet this attitude reflects little regard for the biblical mandates given in Titus chapter two. Many young believers live away from family and have no support system. A whole generation of Christians exists in our unchurched society. Who will teach them how to have the homes God desires?

The church and family are in partnership. The church partners to support the work of the home. The family must be the center for biblical instruction and the parents the primary Bible teachers for their children. Those who serve in the church must realize that quality disciples equal quality parents. When mom and dad are disciples then the family can be discipled. The time for disciples and mentors to be seen and heard is now. Let the young and old come together and "speak the things which are fitting for sound doctrine" (Titus 2:1).

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