Family Bible Study lesson for Oct. 28: The Good News - The Family's Message
October 12 2001 by David Edgell , Acts 10:1-5, 23b-24, 33-36, 39-43

Family Bible Study lesson for Oct. 28: The Good News - The Family's Message | Friday, Oct. 12, 2001

Friday, Oct. 12, 2001

Family Bible Study lesson for Oct. 28: The Good News - The Family's Message

By David Edgell Acts 10:1-5, 23b-24, 33-36, 39-43 In Acts 10 we see God at work in the life of a family - a family in need of Christ and in need of God's love. Not unlike many families today, they had knowledge of God but lacked a true understanding of who God was and what He desired to do in their life. The first institution established and ordained by God was the family. He created a unit of husband and wife and generally with children to follow. This family unit was to be a reflection of God's love and His message to the world. He chose this way to ensure spiritual growth in the life of individuals as they were raised by parents living His statutes. But could it be that God wanted to use this family unit not only for discipleship (Duet. 6:1-7) but also for evangelism? Would God's love be reflected to individuals and be proclaimed and accepted by families?

God was clearly at work in the life of Cornelius. The Spirit of God worked to bring many elements together.

First, He prepared a man in Jerusalem. God would need to work in Peter's life to bring down the walls of separation that the Jewish culture and Peter had erected. In addition to the clear revelation of Christ concerning Gentiles (John 4, Acts 1:8) and concerning unclean food (Mark 7:14-15) Peter lacked an understanding of the gospel going to the Gentiles.

Second, after God's revelation to Peter He would need to place Peter in a position where he could speak the good news to this family. God was direct to both Cornelius and Peter in how this would be accomplished (Acts 10: 5,19-20).

Third, God would prepare Cornelius' heart. Be assured when men earnestly seek God, He will reveal Himself to them and place His man in their path (Acts 10: 1-2). God has revealed Himself through the prophets, through His Son, and through His inspired word. 2 Tim. 3:16 says, "Scripture is God breathed." It is God speaking to men. When we speak we breathe out. We do not breathe in. The Bible is God speaking to men. Someone had said, "An open Bible and an open mind will make a Christian every time." God has given the Scriptures as His revelation and works to bring men and women to Himself as they seek Him and as He speaks through His word.

Fourth, the gospel was shared with individuals and the result was a family turning to Christ (Acts 10: 44-48). I am convinced if you reach the dad for Christ, you will reach the whole family and much of the extended family. Each individual must be reached with the gospel, but when individuals are being reached it affects the whole family.

God wants to use individuals and families to be a conduit of His love. He wants this love to spread to other families and for their lives to be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. These families must be reached one individual at a time. But when the word of God and the Spirit of God carry out their work, individuals and families will be drawn to Christ

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