Conservative group aims for BSC boards
October 11 2002 by Steve DeVane , BR Managing Editor

Conservative group aims for BSC boards | Friday, Oct. 11, 2002

Friday, Oct. 11, 2002

Conservative group aims for BSC boards

By Steve DeVane BR Managing Editor

A conservative group wants only conservatives elected to all N.C. Baptist boards for the next three years.

The call came in a column by Roy Mason Jr. in the September issue of The Conservative Record, which is published by Conservative Carolina Baptists. The column emphasizes some words by putting them in all capital letters.

"The only possible way to see conservatives respected and represented fairly is for an absolute balance to take place in ALL our trustee positions," Mason said in the article titled "The Issue of Just Fairness. "This means that for the next three years ONLY (conservatives) are placed in positions of trustees on ALL boards, agencies and institutions of the convention."

N.C. Baptists elect trustees or directors to BSC agencies and institutions for four-year terms. Electing only conservatives for three straight years would give conservatives at least 75 percent control on all boards.

Mason, a former pastor who is now a full-time evangelist, said that "for years" conservatives have correctly believed that they were not fairly represented on N.C. Baptist boards. As support for that belief, he said only 20 of the Baptist State Convention's General Board 100 members are "identifiable conservatives." He does not explain the criteria used to determine those members or offer further documentation.

The BSC General Board has 113 members, including the three BSC officers.

Mason said that even though conservatives have elected a majority of Baptist State Convention (BSC) officers in the last several years, there has been "scant improvement" in conservative representation. The officers' appointments have been "fair and balanced," but haven't altered moderates' overwhelming majority on boards, he said.

"With all the talk of fairness, the only people who have been treated fairly are the moderates within our convention," he said. "... There will be no fairness until there is justice in the process."

In the same issue of The Conservative Record, an article criticizes moderates for trying to control the BSC.

"In recent months there have been increasing signals that the 'moderate' leadership is starting to show what we perceive as its real motive in North Carolina, total control of the Baptist State Convention ... and the exclusion of the 90 percent of North Carolina Baptists who support the (BSC) and the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC)," states the article written by Steve Hardy, chairman of the newsletter's editorial committee. He is on staff at Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem.

The article said the newsletter has "contended for years that the real issue for moderates is defunding the SBC."

The article focuses on a Jan. 16 letter written to N.C. Baptists by David Currie, a consultant for the national Mainstream Baptist Network.

The article also criticizes the Biblical Recorder's coverage of the national Mainstream meeting held in Charlotte last March. Hardy said the Recorder did not fully report remarks Currie made critical of the SBC.

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