Biblical Recorder:Editorial: Ready for liftoff
October 30 2003 by Tony W. Cartledge , BR Editor

Biblical Recorder:Editorial: Ready for liftoff

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By Tony W. Cartledge

BR Editor

On Nov. 1, the Biblical Recorder's league-leading Web site will launch a series of significant upgrades designed to make it even more user-friendly and better equipped for the task of keeping Baptists on top of the news. Did I say league-leading? It's true: in the category of Baptist news services,'s prestigious "PageRank" index lists the Biblical Recorder at the top of the heap - comfortably ahead of all other state and national Baptist papers and news services. Even so, we're determined to make the site still more appealing and useful. Here are some of the new or improved features you'll find:DesignThe site features a slightly cleaner and tighter look, allowing more information to appear on the opening screen. The Biblical Recorder logo at the top has been redesigned to be thinner (allowing more room for content) and to incorporate the walnut cross that has appeared on our site from its inception. The cross will also appear in the address line of many browsers.The page is designed to be self-centering, and to fit completely on any size screen without the need of horizontal scrolling.Navigation bars on either side of the text are now color-coded by category of service, a feature that is carried throughout the site. On some pages, such as "Advertising," the menu expands to incorporate additional items. AccessibilityThe site employs the new Cascading Style Sheet technology, which allows for faster and more efficient downloading of content, and complies with all technical standards of the Internet's governing organization. We've built in parallel pages in WML and PDA code, so simplified versions of our news and opinion pages can be accessed by wireless devices such as cell phones and personal data assistants. And, we now include coded pointers for those busy folks who use Really Simple Syndication (RSS) programs to glean the news they consider most important. Handicapped users will also find the site easier to navigate by using keystrokes rather than requiring the use of a mouse or touch pad. FeaturesUsers who allow javascript can access a new feature that allows the reader to choose his or her preferred font size. By clicking on any one of five "A's" in the top right corner, users can make the text as large or small as they like. I like it small so more text can fit on the page. Some like it larger for ease of reading. Through the magic of cookies, the site will remember the reader's preference, and automatically display the chosen font size at the next visit. ContentWe know that most readers come to the Biblical Recorder Web site because they trust us to provide accurate, balanced information and helpful opinions about issues that impact Baptist life. The trustworthiness of our content will not change, but with the new upgrades, we will strive to make it more timely by moving from weekly to near-daily updates. Primary content headings will include "NC Baptist News," "National and World News," "NC Baptist Life," "Opinion," and "Resources." Updates from other news sources will appear under a section called "More Headlines."ServicesWhile many readers already access our ChurchSearch, Calendar and "Search the Bible" features, we have gradually added several other helpful services during the past few months. For example, readers can now generate, place and pay for a classified ad online, a service that became popular the first week it was available. Readers can also subscribe to the print version online, and we've even ventured into e-commerce by enabling the online purchase of Intrigued, How I Love To Proclaim It. We also have the ability to produce fast-loading banner ads for Baptist organizations or advertisers hoping to reach our expanding audience.As we become aware of the need, more services are yet to come. The Biblical Recorder online does not replace the print version of our paper, which contains more information and more pictures, and can be read anywhere. But, it serves as a helpful supplement, especially when news is breaking. If you haven't visited our Web site lately, come on by and stay a spell. We're committed to being good Net-neighbors.| Home | NewsOpinion | Baptist Life |

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