Biblical Recorder:Intrigued: Out of sync, down the drain
October 30 2003 by Tony W. Cartledge , BR Editor

Biblical Recorder:Intrigued: Out of sync, down the drain

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By Tony W. Cartledge

BR Editor

Occasionally I have a bad dream that revolves around promising to be somewhere, and then forgetting to show up. That dream could become a reality in the near future, because my PDA died last week, and took my updated calendar with it. For the technologically impaired (or uninterested), "PDA" is a common moniker for "Personal Data Assistant," generally a handheld device for storing information. My little Toshiba is no bigger than the palm of my hand, but has more computing power than the first desktop computer I owned. Though it can perform many functions, I use it mainly as a glorified calendar and address book. A great benefit is that I can plug it into my laptop computer and synchronize all the information so I have multiple updated copies.A great downfall is that I rarely remember to do so. When the battery died and I lost all the data in my PDA last week, it had been at least six weeks since I had synced with the laptop, so all the speaking engagements I accepted during that time went down the cyber-drain.Some of them I remembered, or have been able to reconstruct from correspondence.But there could be others I don't recollect.I have a bad feeling, for example, about Nov. 23. I remember deleting a possible engagement in favor of a definite one, but I definitely cannot recall what it is. Most folks who invite me to speak will call or write a week or two in advance to check in and ask for a sermon topic and text for the bulletin. I'm hoping that whoever is looking for me on Nov. 23 will provide such a reminder, or else they might be left without a speaker, and I'll be left without an excuse other than my own failure to back up my calendar. So, if you're expecting me to visit your church in the next year or so - especially if it's something we set up in the past two months - I hope you'll check in soon to make sure it's still on my calendar. I'd hate to see that bad dream come true.| Home | NewsOpinion | Baptist Life |

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