Biblical Recorder:Ties to SBC main issue in BSC elections
October 30 2003 by Steve DeVane , BR Managing Editor

Biblical Recorder:Ties to SBC main issue in BSC elections

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By Steve DeVane

BR Managing Editor

Political maneuvering leading up to the Baptist State Convention (BSC) annual meeting Nov. 10-12 has focused on the BSC's relationship to the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).Groups representing conservative and moderate N.C. Baptists made final attempts to get their message out in newsletters mailed in late October.At issue is the primary allegiance of Baptists in the state. Are they N.C. Baptists with voluntary ties to the SBC, or are they Southern Baptists who happen to live in North Carolina?The Conservative Carolina Baptists (CCB) newsletter, the Conservative Record, deals with what its leaders see as an "anti-SBC agenda" by moderates.Articles in the Mainstream Baptists of North Carolina (MBNC) newsletter ask if churches need to have an exclusive relationship with the SBC in order to participate in the BSC.MBNC has endorsed David Hughes for president, Raymond Earp for first vice president and Ken Massey for second vice president.CCB has endorsed David Horton for president, Phyllis Foy for first vice president and Brian Davis for second vice president.The CCB newsletter criticized a plan by Hughes to reduce the amount of money sent to SBC.MBNC's newsletter featured articles by Hughes and Massey.In his article, Hughes proposes cutting the amount sent to the SBC through the BSC's Plan A from 32 percent to 30 percent. Keeping the extra 2 percent in North Carolina would help the BSC to regain its financial stability, Hughes said.Through September, BSC income was running about $2.16 million below budget. In August, the BSC cut 24 positions, including 15 that cost staff members their jobs.The lead article in the Conservative Record said that Hughes' proposal "revealed an agenda that would gravely affect the relationship" of the BSC and the SBC. The article, by CCB Editorial Committee Chairman Steve Hardy, said the issue "is sure to motivate conservatives to attend" the BSC meeting.Hardy said the proposal would mean that $500,000 to $1 million would remain in North Carolina "and out of the hands of the International Mission Board, the North American Mission Board and SBC seminaries.""This would come at a critical time when seminary enrollment is at an all time high, and the mission boards have a waiting list of those to be appointed," the article said.Massey, pastor of First Baptist Church in Greensboro, said in his MBNC newsletter article, that even though his church gives little money to SBC causes, church members this summer worked closely and effectively with SBC employees and churches on three mission trips."Some brothers and sisters in our state convention want the BSC and her cooperating churches to have an exclusive relationship with the SBC," he said. "They are telling us explicitly and implicitly, that our way of cooperation is unacceptable for BSC congregations."Massey said church members find that cooperating with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, the SBC and other organizations is exhilarating."Churches like ours really need to know if the BSC is going to work with us or work to exclude us like the SBC," he said. "We are not demanding our way, but we do deserve a clear and honest answer to the question."A sidebar to Hardy's article in the Conservative Record calls for conservatives to attend the BSC meeting. The moderates' agenda "is aimed at hurting the missions program of the Southern Baptist Convention," the article said."Those of us who love and value missions, biblical preaching and evangelism must show up to prevent moderates from achieving their goal of taking money from the SBC," the sidebar said.Massey's article in the MBNC newsletter said his church has realized the fruitfulness of working across "denominational battle lines" and the limits of being "hardwired" to the SBC."We have made our choice," he said. "In November, the BSC will make hers. You should be there."| Home | NewsOpinion | Baptist Life |

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