CBF-funded searchable missions database unveiled : Friday, Oct. 31, 2003
October 30 2003 by Lance Wallace

CBF-funded searchable missions database unveiled : Friday, Oct. 31, 2003
Friday, Oct. 31, 2003

CBF-funded searchable missions database unveiled

By Lance Wallace
CBF Communications
ATLANTA - Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary professor Todd M. Johnson introduced the World Christian Database, a user-friendly, searchable database, Oct. 9-10 on the seminary's campus in South Hamilton, Mass., as part of the 2003 Paul E. and Eva B. Toms Lectureship on the status of Global Christianity and World Missions.

Funded initially by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) as a tool to help identify areas of greatest need in the world, the World Christian Database is an online version of what currently exists in print in the World Christian Encyclopedia. This new tool was created by Johnson, director of the newly established Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell, in coordination with Breuer & Co., a Boston-based data management firm. It will be maintained, updated and expanded as a part of the ongoing work of the Center.

"This is truly a landmark achievement in facilitating the spreading of the gospel around the world," said Daniel Vestal, CBF national coordinator. "As we seek to be the presence of Christ in the world to the most neglected, we now have better tools to assess who are the most neglected and where they are located. We are grateful for Todd Johnson and his work, and his willingness to partner with us in the continuing search for ways to answer God's call."

The database will also have a subscriber-based service called Multi-Objective Decision Analysis that allows for in-depth research, such as selecting, designing and managing a wide variety of questions and queries about people groups, countries, cities and other geographic designations.

The Fellowship's Global Missions initiative had prepared to develop such a resource for its own use. However, when global missions co-coordinators Barbara and Gary Baldridge along with a CBF task group learned of Johnson's work, they decided to sponsor and support Johnson's effort.

"The World Christian Database provides us with a relevant, user-friendly tool for sorting through Christian and secular research data for identifying the most neglected in all parts of the world and in all segments of society," Baldridge said. "Congregations will be able to discover who the most neglected are in their own communities. Missions agencies will be able to discover who the most neglected are globally, using the criteria they choose as relevant and meaningful."

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