Coming to the family reunion?
October 24 2003 by Jim Royston , Executive Director-treasurer

Coming to the family reunion? | Friday, Oct. 24, 2003
  • Adopt budgets for missions and operations, and for the N.C. Missions Offering (NCMO) which completely funds Woman's Missionary Union and Baptist Men;
  • Elect new officers to lead us;
  • Hear exciting testimonies about Pursuing Vital Ministry;
  • Celebrate church starts and an increase in baptisms;
  • Celebrate more than 500 professions of faith among youth at Fort Caswell;
  • Hear progress reports from our agencies and institutions; and
  • Peruse exhibits for the latest practical and inspirational materials.

    Messengers will consider for the first time a two-year operating budget. The budgeting process is an enormously involved, time-consuming process. Previously, committee management of that process has changed hands annually by appointment and the expertise gained from one year's experience did not carry over. Now, the budget committee is elected to a four-year term. Tom Crow chairs the committee this year.

    This budget offered by Tom's committee will be a two-year budget, with a 2004 proposed budget of $35.175 million, a decrease of $2.375 million over our current budget. This is the first time in many years; maybe the first time ever, that the annual budget is less than the previous year. But North Carolina - heavily a manufacturing state - has been hit hard by economic factors both domestic and international that seem to close more factories every week. Our own staff has been negatively affected and no staff will receive a salary increase in 2004.

    Many of our church members work in those factories and my heart goes out to them. The churches they attend are directly affected.

    Just as your personal budget reflects your priorities, the Baptist State Convention's budget reflects our family members' priorities of telling people about Jesus and helping churches, associations, agencies and institutions on the state and national levels fulfill their missions.

    I look forward to seeing you in Winston-Salem. Come say hello, and share a piece of apple pie.

  • Friday, Oct. 24, 2003

    Coming to the family reunion?

    By Jim Royston Executive Director-treasurer

    North Carolina's largest family is about to gather for its annual reunion. On Nov. 10-12 N.C. Baptists will gather in Winston-Salem, a midpoint in our distribution, to meet, greet, catch up, worship, sing, pray, preach, taste the apple pie and decide how best to distribute the common funds that we've selflessly sent ahead to accomplish kingdom building work.

    Family members come from almost 4,000 churches in every county, city, small town, and crossroads in our state.

    We've got red hair, black hair, brown, blond, gray and thinning hair. We're tall, small, round, square, broad, thin, weak, strong, quick and slow. We agree on almost everything that matters, and put our dog in the fight over some things that just don't.

    Yet, we've all got the same Father.

    I look forward to this reunion. There's a lot of catching up to do. We'll conduct some very important business while we're at it.

    We will:

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