Committee to study giving plan proposal
October 3 2003 by Tony W. Cartledge , BR Editor

Committee to study giving plan proposal | Friday, Oct. 3, 2003

Friday, Oct. 3, 2003

Committee to study giving plan proposal

By Tony W. Cartledge BR Editor

ASHEBORO - The Baptist State Convention's (BSC) four giving plans could become an endangered species in 2005 if next year's budget committee looks with favor on a proposal presented to the General Board.

During budget discussions on Oct. 1, Cherryville pastor Wayne Key made a motion that the four giving plans should be replaced with one standard plan and an optional plan that each church could tailor for itself.

Key, who is concerned that the term "Cooperative Program" has given way to "Cooperative Missions Giving" in North Carolina, suggested that Plan A be retained as it is, and that it be called "Cooperative Program Giving."

An alternative plan, to be called "Cooperative Missions Giving," would allow churches to designate any amount to any Baptist entity in the current plans, as long as the BSC receives a minimum of 50 percent, the amount currently designated in Plan D.

Giving to both the "Cooperative Program" and "Cooperative Missions" plans would be counted in determining a church's allotment of messengers to the annual convention, according to the proposal.

It appeared that Key's motion might die for lack of a second, but after a lengthy pause, someone offered to second the motion "for the sake of discussion."

Key said he believes the current plans are divisive, that churches should be able to decide where their money will go, and that his proposal would cause giving to increase rather than decrease.

Budget committee chair Tom Crow agreed that he has heard "a lot of sentiment" from N.C. Baptists favoring a single giving plan, but said "we have developed these options through the years as a way of maintaining family" and continuing to serve together. After huddling with other BSC officials, he suggested the Key's motion be referred to the budget committee for study and consideration in 2004.

Moderator Randy White asked for a vote to "kill the first motion" in favor of a motion to refer the matter to the budget committee, and it passed.

After further discussion, a motion to cease debate was approved.

White then called for a voice vote on a motion to refer the suggestion for consideration by the 2004 budget committee. There was noticeable opposition, but the "ayes" in favor were louder, and White ruled that the motion had passed.

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