Family lesson for October 19: The Spirit Empowers Believers
October 3 2003 by Mary Fillinger , Romans 8:12-16, 26-30, 35-39

Family Bible Study lesson for October 19: The Spirit Empowers Believers | Friday, Oct. 3, 2003

Friday, Oct. 3, 2003

Family Bible Study lesson for October 19: The Spirit Empowers Believers

By Mary Fillinger Romans 8:12-16, 26-30, 35-39

Through this lesson, we come to realize that many of us have been taught incorrectly. Instead of being instructed to claim the divine power we possess and to live above the drag of our sinful nature, we are only told what to do after we commit sin. Many have been nurtured by corrective preaching rather than preventive preaching. We have come to expect failure, disobedience and resistance in our lives, and we have focused our attention on sin instead of righteousness. And since we expect these we normally get them. It is no wonder that this kind of teaching has led many to an attitude of defect and a life of endurance rather than enjoyment. The good news is Jesus did not save us so that we could suffer through a miserable existence.

Choices to Make Romans 8:12-16 Paul says we should not bind ourselves to the flesh. We are not obligated to engage in a sinful lifestyle, for we have been set free through Jesus. This passage also informs us that there are consequences for the choices we make. A life lived in the flesh results in death. And when we insist on living in a rebellious manner after receiving Jesus, we cause the Holy Spirit to grieve and we become most miserable in our choices.

When we are living according to the will of the Lord, we submit ourselves to His guidance. We are able to draw from His power, and we are able to experience real living. God not only saved us from sin but adopted us as His children. Since we are His children, we can have a close relationship as any father would to his child. Also because of this adoption we are able to be His heirs and to receive all that He has set aside for us. We are to suffer, to serve, to be faithful, for without a cross there is no crown.

Dealing with Struggles Romans 8:26-30 As we struggle through our hardships and trials, we can rest assured that the Holy Spirit helps our every weakness. Even when we feel at a loss in how or what to pray, we know the Holy Spirit will intercede for us. Verse 28 is often misunderstood. Many believe that God is going to make everything right. That just isn't so. This verse says that whatever happens, God can bring good out of the circumstances and the situation for those who love Him. This is a promise to be claimed, and not ignored. It is God's project, not ours. The purpose is good and not evil.

The word "foreknow" suggests that God from eternity knows every detail of all events, including the reasons and results. God has a purpose for each of us. He makes available a way for us to have everlasting life. We have a choice as to whether we choose His plan of salvation or go our own sinful way. Because God is God, His purposes and plans will be fulfilled whether we choose to do things His way or our own. Our purpose is to be like Jesus.

Knowledge to Trust Romans 8:35-39 Paul asked, "Who will oppose us?" No one can successfully strive against us. The Lord Himself is our support and protection, and God cannot be defeated. Therefore, we could never successfully be opposed. Paul asked, "Who shall accuse us?" God is the one that justifies. Those of us who have believed in Jesus by faith alone, and have been declared righteous by the living God, are forever secure in the arms of God.

Paul asked, "Who will condemn us?" Jesus is the only judge, and since we are in Him our sins are covered with His blood. Therefore, no one can ever reverse our position or God's choices. We can never be separated from His love and we can never be defeated as we daily surrender our all to Him and live in the light of His love, yielding ourselves to His plan for our lives. He calls us to be faithful cross bearers and witnesses for Him.

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