Family Bible Study lesson for Nov. 14: God Rules! : Friday, Oct. 29, 2004
October 29 2004 by Robert Hunter

Family Bible Study lesson for Nov. 14: God Rules! : Friday, Oct. 29, 2004
Friday, Oct. 29, 2004

Family Bible Study lesson for Nov. 14: God Rules!

By Robert Hunter
Focal Passages: Psalm 33:6-17, 20-22

This Psalm, one of the few without a title, is a wonderful hymn of praise. It talks about creation, the covenant and our response in worship. In this Psalm you find adoration, worshipful celebration, dedication and a recognition of the closeness of God.

Maybe you think God is too far away and too busy running the universe so you are more concerned with money, career, health, family and planning for retirement than you are about this distant God. Granted, these things are important to some degree for survival in this present world, but we can only find fulfillment as we submit to God's authority. This Psalm extols the merits of God's authority

Display of God's authority

Psalm 33:6-11

The Psalmist reminds us of the power of God's Word. He spoke and the heavens came into being. He spoke and all the angelic beings came into existence. God created ex nihilo, out of nothing. His Word sustains the world and provides for it. All the money, careers, health issues, family matters and retirement plans are all sustained by this Word. Therefore, we should fear Him, not as some tyrant, but in awe, to be humbled before His power and majesty. God calls nations into existence and judges them by the plans they have made.

Extent of God's authority

Psalm 33:12-17

Since God creates nations then those nations that submit to His authority are blessed. God knows whether a nation or an individual is submissive or in awe of His being, for He has a watchful eye. This same eye guarantees His attention and presence in the affairs of men and women, boys and girls everywhere. Because of His attentiveness we should not worship the power of men, but of God.

Effect of God's authority

Psalm 33:20-22

We can depend on God. If God has created and sustained all His work then He will come and continue His work. His Word is a redeeming Word and He will deliver and keep those who are submissive. We can trust God and the Name associated with Him. All the facts the Psalmist has presented bring him to the joy of worship. God will not let us down. Therefore, we can be submissive to the One who has our best interests in mind.

This Psalm should create worship just as God has created us. This Psalm reminds us of the mercy of God and should create a spirit of submissive worship within us. It reminds us to cast our plans and our use of power into the shadow of His guidance. We are reminded that we live under His watchful eye and will finally be brought into His presence.

The question we must ask: Is the experience of the Psalmist our experience? Do we wait on the Lord? Do we really trust and have hope in Him?

God possesses faithful love. Can we not be submissive to someone who in all conditions and under all circumstances puts us first? God is the ultimate criterion, the power and truth. He is reality and truth originates from Him. Real truth has our best concern at heart.

Too many of us are like a man I read about in a story told by Nicholas Humphrey from Cambridge. It seems that during a strike on the docks in London, huge trucks were going in and out across the picket lines with a posted notice on the side of each truck, like "Authority of Her Majesty's Government," "Authority of the Trade Unions of Congress," and "Authority of the Ministry of War." Among the huge trucks came a tiny donkey cart driven by a little old man who had posted on his cart: "By My Own Bloody Authority."

By what authority do you travel? Do you travel life like the old man by your "own bloody authority?" Are you one of those who consider the idea of living in submission to God laughable? Or are you a believer who submits to God because He is the Creator who rules over all?

It's something to think about.

Our challenge is to live and think like the Psalmist.

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