Retiring missionary couple shares their thoughts : Monday, Oct. 11, 2004
October 11 2004 by

Retiring missionary couple shares their thoughts : Monday, Oct. 11, 2004
Monday, Oct. 11, 2004

Retiring missionary couple shares their thoughts

My wife, Elizabeth, and I have been employed by the Foreign/International Mission Board for just over 22 years, but we now take, as of this date, involuntary retirement from this agency. We wish to thank North Carolina Baptists for support, both financial and spiritual, for the days gone by. We have received the Recorder faithfully and we have read it with great care. The WMU has sent Elizabeth a birthday gift each year as well as Christmas greetings. The unusual thing is that, though Elizabeth was born in North Carolina, neither of us has ever been a member of a BSCNC church and yet the gifts and goodwill have never ceased. It is a marvelous testimony.

Your readers may know that of all the countries in the world where we have work, no place is more resistant to the gospel than Japan. With mission efforts of great cost for more than 100 years, even today far fewer than one percent of the Japanese are believers. In our time here we have helped our Japanese colleagues begin three missions. We have finally come upon a formula that works and works well by Japanese standards, and two of these missions were begun since 2001; both are thriving. We had plans to begin a third mission this year, but they have been postponed and we pray not cancelled because of our departure.

We are Baptist people. One must now agonize over what this means. For us it means an absolute insistence on the personal relationship of the believer to the Savior. By extension then this means that each person who believes is answerable to Jesus and the Father and not to Elizabeth or me. It is a precious concept and one to which we must hold.

Hershel C. Jonnson

Fukuoka, Japan

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